I believe I know my city well, and I hope I can point you in the right direction, whether you want to spend a gourmet evening in a starred restaurant, more informal dinner in a small trattoria, or enjoy a good pizza. I have to say that we are lucky and you don’t have to walk far to find excellent restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, but also if you feel like cooking, safe addresses where to go shopping. Even less than 2 minutes away. I don’t pretend to be exhaustive and absolute I have simply included the places I would recommend to a friend, limiting myself to those easily or worth a trip. Rome is the second city in Italy after Naples for the number of starred restaurants. (19). Of these 12 are within a short distance of the flat 8 within 5′ minutes. When I say minutes I am referring to the time it takes to walk there. Please note prices are indicative and do not include drinks.

About Trattoria
Traditional Roman dishes are usually enjoyed in a trattoria. Rome is full of trattorias, from the oldest to the newest, and each has its own group of admirers or detractors. But almost every trattoria has something in common with the others: a menu based on the most typical local cuisine specialities. Trattoria should mean: Simple food, and in theory with genuine tastes and quality, prepared at home and with local products and at a reasonable price. But the reality is often very different: it is difficult to find a trattoria with modest prices and excellent food, or rather, if compared to what they offer, they can be very high.  Apart from a few exceptions, don’t expect very comfortable surroundings and attentive service, Instead, the fundamental rule is the approximation, with a pretentiously blunt service, even too much.
Don’t be attracted by the checked tablecloths.
Many bad restaurants use them just to attract customers.

The following is a selection of the most popular ones, some of which are so popular that reservations are necessary. They are all easily accessible apart from a few, which I wanted to include the average cost of a meal in a trattoria anyway varies from €30 to €50, but rest assured it is almost always closer to €50.

About Pizza
For a long time, pizza was considered a simple, quick and, above all, cheap meal. Pizzerias were simply unadorned rooms, often with tablecloths, anonymous pizza makers and hurried waiters. Now even pizzaioli want their place in the sun. We are experiencing the season of Pizzaioli Star, who sign their premises and their pizza and propose new doughs, different types of leavening and flour types, and above all, gourmet pizzas.  Many pizzerias and many pizza types, some excellent and others with pizza, have only the name in common. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes globally, and everyone is free to make pizza as they see fit.  The pizza must be ordered in pizzerias, preferably with a wood-fired oven. All other places serve frozen pizza.

All illustrative images are taken from the official pages of each restaurant. 


Here is the list.
After the list you will find more detailed information on each restaurant.

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Starred Restaurants Apartment Area

Il Pagliaccio** Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129A
Tel. +39 06 68 80 95 95     Distance 7′

Pipero*  Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 250 TEL. +39 339 7565114 +39 06 68139022  Distance 6′

Per Me Giulio Terrinoni* Vicolo del Malpasso 9, Rome (Via Giulia) Tel. 06.6877365     Distance 5′

Idylio by Apreda*, The Pantheon Iconic Hotel Via Santa Chiara 4 Tel. 06 8780 7080  Distance 5′

Il Convivio-Troiani* Vicolo dei Soldati 31 Tel. 06 6869432 / 06 68805950  Distance 8′

Glass Hostaria* Vicolo del Cinque, 58 +39 06 58335903      Distance 8′

Zia* Via Goffredo Mameli, 45 Phone: 0623488093.  Distance 12′

Piazza del POPOLO Area 
Acquolina* Via del Vantaggio, 14  Ph. +39 06 3201590  Distance 25′

Piazza di SPAGNA Area
Imàgo* Hassler Villa Medici Piazza Trinità dei Monti 6 +39 06 699 34726 – Distance 20′


Starred Restaurants Other Area

La Terrazza*

Hotel Eden, Via Ludovisi 49, Contact: +39 06 47812 752 Distance 30′

Via di San Basilio, 42/43 Ph 39 06 42011798  Distance 30′.

Marco Martini Restaurant*
Viale Aventino, 121  Ph+39 06 455 97 350 +39 328 58 68 233 Distance 35′

Aroma* Manfredi Palace Via Labicana, 125 Phone +39 06 97615109 Distance 35′

PRATI District
Tordomatto*  Via Pietro Giannone, 24  Ph.: +39 0669352895 Distance by Taxi 12′ – or Bus 492

Enoteca La Torre* LungoTevere delle Armi 22/23 0645668304 Distance By Taxi 15’

La Pergola *** Hotel Rome Cavalieri,  Via Cadlolo 101, +39 06 3509 2152.         Distance By Taxi 20’

All’Oro* Via G. Pisanelli 23/25 Tel. 0697996907  Distance By Taxi 10′

Assaje* Aldrovandi Villa Borghese Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 6, 39 06 321 6126 Distance By Taxi 18′

 Bistrot 64* Via G. Calderini 62/64 T +39 06 3235531 Distance By Taxi 18’  Bus 628+2


The Best Restaurants Apartment Area and Surroundings


il SANLORENZO Via dei Chiavari 4/5 – Ph.+39 06 68 65 097  Distance 2′
Sea Food

ROSCIOLI Salumeria con Cucina Via dei Giubbonari, 21-22 Tel. +39 066875287 Distance 2′
Traditional Roman Cuisine

GIULIA Restaurant in Rome Lungotevere dei Tebaldi 4 Tel- 0695552086   Distance 2′

LUCIANO Cucina Italiana Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo, 18 Tel. 06-51531465 Distance 3′
Traditional Cuisine

ANTICA FONDERIA RESTAURANT Via del Pellegrino 64, Rome 39 06 69412405 – Distance 5′


Via del Teatro Pace, 42 Tel. 06 6813 5463 Raggiungibile in 8′

Refined Traditional  Cuisine

Via del Teatro Valle, 48-49 Phone: + 39 06 686 5970           –  Distance 4′
Traditional  Cuisine

ARMANDO AL PANTHEON Salita de’ Crescenzi 31 Tel: 06 68803034 Distance 6′

Traditional Roman Cuisine

CASA COPPELLE Piazza delle Coppelle 49. Tel. +39 06 68891707            Distance 12′ 

ADELAIDE AT VILÒN Via dell’Arancio, 69 – Ph +39 06 87 81 87 – Distance15′

ALFREDO alla Scrofa Via della Scrofa, 104, Ph: +39  Distance 12′

Traditional Roman Cuisine

GRANO Restaurant  Piazza Rondanini, 53 Tel. 06 68192096                                     
Distance 12′

Traditional Roman Cuisine


The Best Restaurants Apartment Area and Surrondings

 Via degli Avignonesi, 22. Tel.064817538 Distance 20′

Traditional Emilian Cuisine

ad HOC 
Via di Ripetta, 43 Tel: +39 06 3233040 Distance 25′

Traditional Roman Cuisine

ANTICA PESA Via Garibaldi 18 06 5809236 Distance 6′
Traditional Roman Cuisine

ANTICO ARCO Piazzale Aurelio, 7 +39 06 581 5274  Distance 25′ By Taxi 10′
Refined Traditional Cuisine

TRATTORIA SORA LELLA Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, (Isola Tiberina) 16  06.6861601 Distance 10′

Traditional Roman Cuisine


FERNANDA Via Crescenzo del Monte 18/24 06 5894333  Bus 8

CHECCHINO dal 1887 
Via di Monte Testaccio, 30  tel.: 065743816 / Bus 23 or 280
Traditional Roman Cuisine





Da Enzo al 29.
 Via dei Vascellari, 29 06 58 12 260
Distance 12′
Da Teo
Piazza dei Ponziani 7, Ph. 065818355  
Distance 12′


Via della Luce 5 (Trastevere) 065800039 
Distance 10’

Via dei Cappellari, 64 Tel. 06 6821 0599      
Distance 5′
Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 140/A Tel. 06 8765 6724  
Distance 8′
Vicolo delle Grotte, 27, 06 686 4293  Closed Sunday    Distance 1′


Vicolo Rosini, 4 Telephone: 066873434
Distance 14′
Salita de’ Crescenzi 31 Tel: 06 68803034
Distance 6′
Vicolo della Campana 18           Distance 12’
Via del Leone 2, 066832100         
Distance 12’




Distance  5′

Via del Portico D’Ottavia 51  Tel. +39 06 68 33 104
SORA MARGHERITA Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30 Tel 06 6874216
BA’GHETTO via del Portico d’Ottavia, 57 Tel. 0668892868
SU’GHETTO Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 1 C Tel.0668805605
BA’GHETTO Milky Via portico d’Ottavia 2/a. Tel.0668300077
NONNA BETTA Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 16. Tel. 06 6880 6263
da Giggetto Via del Portico di Ottavia 21/a-22  06 686 1105

FELICE  a Testaccio Via Mastro Giorgio, 29 –
Tel. +39 065746800 www.   Bus 23 or 280

Lungotevere Testaccio, 7 Tel. +39 065757912 Bus 23 or 280

Osteria Fratelli Mori
Via dei Conciatori, 10  Bus 23
Trattoria Pennestri
Via Giovanni da Empoli, 5 (Ostiense) 06 574 2418           Bus 23
Flavio al Velavevodetto
via di Monte Testaccio 97. Tel. 06 5744 195               Bus 23

da CESARE al  Casaletto
Via del Casaletto, 45 06536015    Bus 8

via Petrarca, 13 Tel: +39 06 77200111   Bus 70
TRATTORIA MONTI Via San Vito 13° Tel 06 4466573 Bus 70

L’AVVOLGIBILE Appia, 56 Tel. 06 50695104 Metro A



Do you prefer Pizza: Neapolitan style high, soft, richly seasoned and gourmet?


Via del Lavatore 91   
Distance 14′

Piazza di SPAGNA Area
VERACE SUDD Via della Frezza, 64,         Distance 15’
GINO SORBILLO Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46 Distance 15′

PRATI District
SALVATORE DI MATTEO “Le Gourmet” Via Vittoria Colonna 32
 Distance 20′ o Bus 70/81/87
SANT’ISIDORO Pizza & Bolle Via Oslavia, 41 Tel. 06 8982 2607
Bus 280 By Taxi 14′

PORTUENSE Area (Trastevere)                               
via Angelo Bargoni 10-18 Tel. 065883384

(Probably the best)    Bus 8
Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25/31,        By  Taxi 15’

Via Federico Ozanam 30/32        
Bus 8

Via della Pace 11   Distance 8′
Via del Banco di Santo Spirito 19 Distance 12’


or do you prefer it thin and crispy Roman style?


 Via Monti della Farina 28
      Distance 2’

Via Benedetta 23 
                   Distance 5’
DAR POETA Vicolo del Bologna 5                    Distance 6’
AI MARMI  Viale Trastevere 53/59                   Distance 12′§
DA IVO  Via S. Francesco a Ripa 158                Distance 12′

Piazza NAVONA Area
 Via del Governo Vecchio 77 
        Distance 8′
LA MONTECARLO Vicolo dei Savelli 12          Distance 8′


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Il Pagliaccio**

We are absolutely and undeniably in the presence of one of the best tables in Rome. Not far from Campo dei Fiori on Via dei Banchi Vecchi.  It is small but very cosy.  Excellent service. Chef Antony Genovese will take you on a magnificent journey through Mediterranean flavours and oriental perfumes. True culinary miracles,  In a very personal and impeccable way, preparing and submitting absolute goodness dishes, fabulous desserts. Great wines.

Il Pagliaccio proposes 4 tasting menus. per person drinks excluded. 
Circus 10 courses 185€ – 
Orme 8 dishes 165€
Terrae 6 dishes 125€- 
Intermezzo Only available at lunch €85

There is no “a la carte” menu.
Il Pagliaccio Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129A
Tel. +39 06 68 80 95 95     Distance 8′


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Pipero Roma*

Alessandro Pipero, the heart and soul of this restaurant, has a single goal:
“To leave a lasting impression on all his guests”. 
“At Pipero’s, there is only the best, full stop”. Alessandro
Pipero Roma is definitely a must-visit address. Modern and welcoming environment Elegant dishes in presentation and excellent in substance. Impeccable service. 
The menu is based on Italian tradition, reinvented in a gourmet key by chef Ciro Scaramella, who offers dishes that are simply fantastic for their creativity and richness of taste. The ideal place to indulge in an evening full of flavour and attention.

Tasting menu  € 130,00

PIPERHOME: Pipero is also a delivery 

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 250 TEL. +39 339 7565114 – +39 06 68139022   Distance 8’


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori 


In the heart of Rome, “Per Me”, not far from our home, between Via Giulia and Via di Monserrato, is definitely a reference point for those who want to eat well in a pleasant environment. Giulio Terrinoni Michelin starred and multi-award winning chef, is the creator of this Boutique Restaurant. His cuisine, based on fish and meat dishes, is all about researching and using excellent raw materials, which he masterfully prepares.
The service is very courteous.
There is the possibility of choosing à la carte or trying a tasting menu.

Giulio Terrinoni ‘I Ritmi del Mare’ four dishes of your choice 85€
Head, Hands, Heart’ we tell you everything about us to date in ten moments 140.
Tasting Giulio Terrinoni Roma* 12 creations from the sea 65.
The price does not include drinks.
At lunchtime, you can try Tappi small samples from 35€.

Home Delivery every day at lunch and dinner.

Vicolo del Malpasso 9, Rome (Via Giulia) Tel. 06.6877365  Distance 8′ www 


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Piazza Navova

Il Convivio Troiani*

Not far from Piazza Navona, with over thirty years of history dedicated to quality and hospitality, Il Convivio has recently renovated its small dining rooms, the Chiostro, the Loggia, the Rimessa and the Galleria, giving them a more modern and elegant look. Here the raw material is treated with great skill and attention in dishes rooted in tradition are interpreted in a contemporary key always rich in new flavours and fragrances.  Even the bread and pasta are homemade, with organic flours. All the products brought to the table come from small local farms with a focus on sustainable agriculture.

Tasting menu 135€.

Show Chef from Tuesday to Thursday. The chef will create the menu in front of the guests at the social table.
The show chef can be booked either alone or in groups € 160,00 10 courses Wines € 70

Il Convivio Troiani
Vicolo dei Soldati 31 Tel. 06 6869432 / 06 68805950 Distance 10′  Closed Sunday


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Trastevere 

Glass Hostaria*

Trastevere is famous for its trattorias, pizzerias and Roman cuisine, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that you couldn’t find a designer restaurant with a Michelin star.

Glass is not only an exception. It is also an unmissable gourmet destination, thanks to the flair and skill of Cristina Bowerman, whose dishes are beautiful to look at and surprising to taste. The service is genuinely thoughtful, courteous and attentive.

 Six-course tasting menu € 100,- A la carte € 130

Glass Hostaria
Vvicolo del Cinque, 58 +39 06 58335903  Distance 8′



Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Trastevere

Zia Restaurant*

Antonio Ziantoni, with his Zia Restaurant, has just received his first Michelin star and the award for best chef of the year, and all this just a short time after opening.  Zia Restaurant, although in Trastevere, is an elegant space with a contemporary design, just 11 tables and pleasant lighting. The talented young chef dishes are prepared with great care and show all his skill and flair. The welcome and service are excellent.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the bill.
Tasting menus: 7 courses at €75, 5 courses at €55.

 The desserts made by pastry chef Christian Marasca deserve a special mention.
With the Door to Door service, Zia Pasticceria’s desserts can also be delivered to home.


Via Goffredo Mameli, 45 Phone: 0623488093.  Distance 12′

Opening hours: Wed – Sun: 12.00 – 15.00 Closed Monday and Tuesday


Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Pantheon

Idylio by Apreda*

Behind the Pantheon, inside an exclusive, charming hotel. You will find this modern and refined restaurant led by the Michelin-starred Schef Francesco Apreda, who offers a highly sophisticated cuisine with international flavours of excellent quality.

You can order à la carte dishes or choose one of three tasting courses:

Idylio’s Butterfly, 5 courses 100€
Sapidità Essenziali 7 courses 140€
Iconic Signature by Apreda. a course featuring the Chef’s great dishes; 120€

With a rich selection of wines with over 600 labels.Or pairing dishes with cocktails that combine haute cuisine with mixology.

Professional but very empathetic service.

The Pantheon Iconic Hotel
Via Santa Chiara 4 Tel. 06 8780 7080  Distance 5’



Starred Restaurants Apartment Area – Piazza del Popolo


Acquolina is the one-Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant located inside The First Roma ARTE Hotel, near Piazza del Popolo. The ambience is elegant and modern. Daniele Lippi, the chef, presents fish dishes based on the Mediterranean tradition but pervaded by creative flair. Surprising to the eye and palate. The desserts are delicious. The service is very attentive. Valuable wine selection, and cocktails.Tasting menu

AB origin 90€ 4 courses
Periplo 7 courses 120€
Anabasis Catabasis 150€ 9 courses

(Ground Floor – The First Roma)

Via del Vantaggio, 14  Ph. +39 06 3201590  Distance 25′


Starred Restaurants  – Via Veneto

La Terrazza*


La Terrazza on the Eden Hotel’s top floor is undoubtedly one of the restaurants with the most spectacular views of Rome. Michelin-starred Fabio Ciervo’s dishes are highly refined, and for an evening of luxury, this is a highly recommendable address.

Tasting Menu 3-course € 130

My classics € 165 With a selection of wines by the sommelier € 230

Armonia € 200 With wine selection by the sommelier € 280

The Terrace
Hotel Eden, Via Ludovisi 49, Contact: +39 06 47812 752    Distance 30′


Starred Restaurants  – Via Veneto Area


Just a few steps from Via Veneto, Moma has recently joined the city’s starred restaurants’ ranks. And one that will undoubtedly surprise you, Moma is a unique place.
In the morning, it is a bar that serves breakfast.
At lunchtime, it transforms into a bistrò with a simple, tasty and fast food offer.
In the evening, it becomes a superb gourmet restaurant with Andrea Pasqualucci’s refined cuisine made with selected raw materials respecting their seasonality. His skill brings out the flavours and smells. A particularly attentive service.

There are 2 tasting menus 4 courses, 75€ – 6 courses 95€.


Via di San Basilio, 42/43 Ph 39 06 42011798                 
Distance 30′.


Starred Restaurants  – Colosseo Area 


The Aroma Restaurant on the terrace of Palazzo Manfredi offers one of the most stunning views of the Colosseum and the Forum. In the modern open kitchen in the middle of the two dining rooms, Giuseppe Di Iorio, 1 Michelin star, offers traditional Italian dishes that he has interpreted in an extraordinary contemporary way. Which you can try by choosing from the various tasting menus.
Tasting Menu from €100 the simplest to €160 the richest.
Drinks and desserts not included.

 Impeccable service 

If you are not in the mood for luxury, you can opt for the “Bistro’ of the Aroma restaurant, ” which offers Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio’s creations in a more informal setting.

Manfredi Palace Via Labicana, 125 Phone +39 06 97615109   Distance 35′


Starred Restaurants – Circo Massimo Area

Marco Martini Restaurant*


In a pleasant winter garden near the Circus Maximus. Marco Martini Restaurant wants to be an actual temple of taste. Marco Martini is a successful chef who has already been awarded a Michelin star three times. He says of himself:
“Welcome, my name is Marco Martini, and I am the chef. Mine is a cuisine of clean flavours inherited from the Roman-Lazio tradition with an international flair.” 

Tasting Menu €150

Lunch Formula Monday to Friday One course 18€, Two courses 28€ Three courses 38€. Allows you to savour the creations that best represent Marco Martini’s culinary style.
On Saturdays and Sundays, it is possible to enjoy the dinner tasting menus at lunchtime.

Open from lunchtime until late at night, it is the right place to enjoy unique signature cuisine. Or just a cocktail. 

Marco Martini Restaurant
Viale Aventino, 121  Ph+39 06 455 97 350 
+39 328 58 68 233                           Distance 35′


Starred Restaurants  – Vatican Museums 


A short distance from the Vatican Museums, Adriano Baldassarre’s Tordomatto is an address not to be missed. An elegant, welcoming space with a great atmosphere. An impeccable mise en place, with tablecloths and Ginori’s classic ceramics, and the customer at the centre of attention.

Adriano Baldassarre’s creations are based on the culinary tradition, which here not only reaches the top but manages to go much further.  “My cuisine is both traditional and creative with the territory always present, says Baldassare, “because the flavours must somehow lead to the place where it is”.

Tasting Menu Intramontabili 70€
TraDitionInProgression 90€
Or à la carte

The restaurant has the following opening hours 12.30 /15,30 -12.30 / 22,30
Lunch Monday – Sunday – Closed Wednesday

Tordomatto Restaurant
Via Pietro Giannone, 24  Ph.: +39 0669352895 
By Taxi 12′ – or Bus 492


Starred Restaurants  – Hother Area

La Pergola***

La Pergola on the Terrace of the Rome Cavalieri, with a unique view of the Eternal City,  is a luxurious restaurant and gastronomy temple. Led by Heinz Beck, the undisputed genius of haute cuisine, it is the only 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome (there are 11 in Italy).
The only watchword is perfection at every level, from the dining room to the kitchen, from the service to the reception, passing through the wine cellar with few equals in the world.
It is complicated to find the possibility of booking unless well in advance. 
For reservations contact 06 35092152

Tasting Menu: 10 course 290,00€  – 7course menu  250,00€ – or à la carte menu

Closed Sunday and Monday Open only in the evening

Rome Cavalieri via Cadlolo 101, +39 06 3509 2152.               
Taxi 18


Now some good restaurants, almost all of them very close to the flat or easily accessible. These are restaurants with excellent cuisine and decent service. The price range is always relatively high. For the more familiar ones, you can look at the trattoria section.

Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Il Sanlorenzo

If you love fish cuisine, one of the best restaurants in the city centre and beyond is just a few metres away. The San Lorenzo is an elegant restaurant that has built its reputation on the quality of its fish. Here the fish is always fresh, caught only in the seas of our region or from Brittany when it comes to oysters. You can choose raw fish, or excellently cooked. Superlative and not to be missed are the first courses. If you want, you can be guided by the owner, you will never be disappointed. Also, for the choice of wines to go with them.
 Tasting menu 90€ – A’ la carte 120/160€

Like in a real fishmonger’s, it is also possible to buy fish which is always displayed on the counter at the entrance.

Via dei Chiavari 4/5 – Ph.+39 06 68 65 097   Distance 2′

Opening hours: Saturday and Monday from 19.30 to 23.45
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.45 to 14.45 from 19.30 to 23.45
Closed Sunday



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Salumeria con Cucina

Less than 200 metres from the flat, Certainly in the area but undoubtedly throughout the city, Roscioli is synonymous with good food.

A restaurant and a delicatessen and rotisserie, Roscioli is a “gourmet shop with a kitchen”, a true paradise for lovers of the best gastronomic delicacies. Although too small, almost cramped, tables too close together, always crowded, it has its charm, and every day dozens of people queue up. The menu is based on the great classics of Roman cuisine such as amatriciana, cacio e pepe. And according to many, the best carbonara in Rome. But also cold cuts, meat, cheese, hamburgers, fresh fish. The food is excellent, an extraordinary selection of our country’s best, but the prices are definitely high. Reservations are mandatory. 

Salumeria con Cucina (delicatessen with kitchen) Via dei Giubbonari, 21-22
Tel. +39 066875287 Whatsapp. +39 3420417492                                  Distance 2′



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

GIULIA Restaurant

Overlooking the splendid Via Giulia, with an entrance on Lungo Tevere Tebaldi, Giulia Restaurant is a cozy romantic place, on several levels and in different rooms, and with a small terrace.

The dishes are based on traditional Italian recipes and quality raw materials but executed with modern techniques and processes that enhance every scent and flavour. Such as the Senza spaghetto alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) or the Baccalà (salt cod) with buffalo mozzarella and lettuce, a special note deserves the bread prepared in house and served in four types.

Tasting Menu:
“Meet Giulia…” and then… € 70,00

Giulia Restaurant in Rome
Lungotevere dei Tebaldi 4
Tel- 0695552086    Distance 2′
Closed Tuesday, open in the evening



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Antica Fonderia

Alba Esteve Ruiz, the talented Spanish-Italian chef, is at the helm of this new restaurant in a quaint little street near Campo di Fiori. The blue and gold ambience is elegant but so rich in detail that it may be slightly excessive.

But the only real player is the fire, the living fire of the charcoal oven and the Argentine grill, which is also the element on which the cuisine is based. But alongside the dishes prepared on the grill, meat, fish and vegetables, you will find the dishes that have made this young chef famous, such as the Risotto Ginger, Butter and Anchovies, the Carbonara, Fettuccine with Sicilian black flour, wild boar and parmesan cheese,


OPENING HOURS: Lunch 12.30 – 16.00 – Aperitif 16.00 – 18.00 Wednesday Closed
Delivery – Takeaway 19.00 – 22.00

Antica Fonderia Restaurant
Via del Pellegrino 64, Rome 39 06 69412405   Distance 5′ –






Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Ristorante & Salotto

If you want to treat yourself to a pampering or a particularly romantic moment, a suitable address is Adelaide.
The recently opened Adelaide restaurant is located inside the Vilòn, a five-star luxury hotel in a Palazzo Borghese wing side Via dell’Arancio.  A beautiful and hospitable location, an elegant and refined ambience, a pleasant outdoor patio and, above all, the excellent and refined Mediterranean cuisine of Chef Gabriele Muro and the professionalism and kindness of all the staff.

Tasting Menu: Five-course 80 €

Adelaide at Vilòn
Via dell’Arancio, 69 – Ph +39 06 87 81 87    Distance 15′ –



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Casa Bleve

Casa Bleve, a pleasant and charming place, is located between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon in an old 16th-century building. It is a decidedly classic restaurant.  With excellent quality of the food, a superb wine cellar, and professional service.
The restaurant’s speciality was and still are cold dishes, but alongside salami, cheese, mozzarella, raw fish and various delicatessen, there is a selection of carefully prepared dishes. The first courses are excellent, and the meat and vegetable dishes are equally tasty. Important prices.

Casa Bleve
Via del Teatro Valle, 48-49 Phone: + 39 06 686 5970                   Distance 4′ –

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 12.30-15-00 and 19.00-22.30
Friday and Saturday 12.30-15-00 and 19.00-23.00
Closed Sunday



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

ARMANDO al Pantheon

Armando al Pantheon was a typical Roman tavern; today, it is more a restaurant, seemingly informal but carefully furnished.
The cuisine is always very much linked to traditional Roman dishes:  Coratella e cicoria, parmigiana di melanzane, tortino di alici fritte, fettuccine con regaglie di pollo, rigatoni con pajata, spaghetti all’amatriciana, abbacchio scottadito, trippa alla romana, pollo con i peperoni, saltimbocca alla romana, pasta e ceci, baccalà,  minestra broccoli e arzilla,  i carciofi.
Armando al Pantheon has existed since 1961 and is one of the best-known restaurants and listed in all the gastronomic guides, making reservations almost compulsory. Prices are in proportion to its fame, about 50€.

 Armando al Pantheon
Salita de’ Crescenzi 31 Tel: 06 688 03 034                                                    Distance 6′




Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Campo di Fiori

Cucina Italiana

In Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo, just a few metres from Piazza Campo di Fiori, is Luciano Monosilio’s restaurant. Luciano Monosilio is a Michelin-starred chef and recipient of many awards, including Best Chef under 30, and is considered the king of Carbonara.  Now he has decided to open his own restaurant centred on his favourite ingredient, pasta. And needless to say, pasta is the star here. Made in the open laboratory that is an integral part of the restaurant: Rigatoni, Lasagne, Ravioli, Tonnarelli and which you can also buy to take away. At the table, it is served according to traditional recipes, the cacio e pepe, the amatriciana, the famous Carbonara. But there is no lack of other dishes that belong to the culinary tradition of our country.

Luciano Cucina Italiana
Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo, 18 Ph:
Distance 3′
Monday – Sunday: 12.00/15.00 – 19.00/23.00


Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Pantheon

Casa Coppelle

In a small hidden square in Rome’s heart, a few steps from the Pantheon,  we found a large concentration of restaurants. Some good, such as Maccheroni, Osteria delle Coppelle, Quinzi e Gabrielli, Taverna delle Coppelle, we find Casa Coppelle, a corner of France in the heart of Rome, a charming and refined restaurant, a place full of atmosphere with soft lights, candles, large paintings, scenographic fabrics, signed by the architect Jacques Garcia.
The menu includes equally refined dishes that express the best of Italian and French cuisine: foie gras with torchon, ricotta mezze lune with Amatriciana sauce, beef fillet with pink pepper, flambé with Cognac, onion soup au gratin with garlic bread croutons and Gruyère cheese in a puff pastry case, risotto with Sicilian prawns, bouillabaisse and smoked lamb loin with herbs. The desserts are perfect. Staff friendly and helpful, Sommelier prepared very well. Excellent cocktails

Tasting Menu 90 euros (5 courses)
Exclusive Tasting Menu at 135 euro
Lunch Menu at 55 euro (3 courses; 75 euro with matching wines)

At the cocktail bar, are served excellent cocktails .

Casa Coppelle. Piazza delle Coppelle 49. Tel. +39 06 68891707                    Distance 12′


Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Piazza del Popolo

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc is a warm and welcoming restaurant between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo.  Where you can combine dishes with excellent wines in a true gastronomic journey. And served with professionalism and courtesy. Ad Hoc’s cuisine stands out for the quality of its ingredients and careful preparation. Bread and pasta are prepared on-site, and the raw materials produced are carefully selected. The cured meats are homemade, and all the meat comes from Italian farms. But above everything else, the truffle prevails, to which a proper menu is dedicated.

There are four tasting menus and the regular menu: Roman, land, sea, truffle.

Land tasting menu €69, €85 wines included
Sea tasting menu € 69, 85€ wines included
Roman tasting menu € 69, 85€ wines included
Truffle tasting menu Black truffle € 95,00  € 130 wines included
White truffle €o 18 5, 00 € 21 0, 00 wines included

Restaurant ad Hoc
Via di Ripetta, 43 Tel: +39 06 3233040                
Distance 25′



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Pantheon

ALFREDO alla Scrofa

The Fettuccine Alfredo’s recipe (a very simple dish made with egg pasta seasoned with butter and Parmesan cheese) was invented in 1914 by Alfredo, owner of this restaurant in Via della Scrofa,
He prepared this dish for his wife, the woman liked it so much that it was included in the menu, soon becoming the dish of strength! Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, tasting that dish of pasta during their honeymoon in Rome, were so enthusiastic that they gave Alfredo two gold cutlery, spoon, and fork engraved the dedication “To Alfredo the King of Noodles”, making it famous in the world.
Over time, Alfredo’s restaurant became a favourite haunt of American stars and those who frequented Rome’s, Dolce Vita.  Even today, after more than one hundred years, this restaurant still serves the famous fettuccine, which is accompanied by a culinary proposal entrusted to chef Mirko Moglioni, always based on traditional dishes but more in step with the times.

Alfredo alla Scrofa
Via della Scrofa, 104, Ph: +39                              
Distance 12′


Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Pantheon


A few steps away in a delightful and relatively quiet little square, Grano is a pleasant restaurant with small dehors where you can enjoy good food without spending too much.
There are excellent meat dishes such as meatballs, lamb, oxtail burgers and fish specialities, all made with quality seasonal products. The first courses are excellent, and the homemade desserts and bread are also delicious.

 Opening Time: Every day from 12.30 to 15.00 and from 19.30 to 24.00.


Grano Restaurant
Piazza Rondanini, 53 Tel.: + 39 06 68192096                                             
Distance 12′



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Trevi’s Fountain

Le Colline Emiliane

Le colline Emiliane is a historic restaurant not far from the Trevi Fountain.
The ideal address is to taste Emilian cuisine dishes, Tortellini, Lasagne, Tagliatelle, homemade and cooked most traditionally.  Affordable prices about 50€. There is often a queue, so I always recommend booking.

It is possible to buy the pasta prepared every day and order it in advance by phone.

Colline Emiliane
Via degli Avignonesi, 22. Tel.064817538       
Distance 20′

Closed on Sunday at dinner, Monday


Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Piazza Navona

La Pace del Palato

A few steps from Piazza Navona, in an area full of restaurants of all kinds but where it is complicated to find a decent one, stands La Pace del Palato. The restaurant is small and cosy with a small outdoor area.
The excellent cuisine, although based on tradition, offers many creative ideas in both preparation and presentation. The dishes are amazing, as is the wine list. Also, there is a lot for the customer. In short, a quiet place where you can eat well.


La Pace del Palato
Via del Teatro Pace, 42 Ph.: +39 06 6813 5463                                Distance 8′




Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Trastevere

Antica Pesa

L’Antica Pesa, despite the passing of fashions and trends, remains a reference point when it comes to good food.

The cuisine is traditional Roman with the great classics such as cacio e pepe, amatriciana or carbonara, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Trippa or Stinco di Agnello. Alongside a few more innovative dishes but always linked to the territory.  The fish dishes are also excellent, depending on the catch and the season.  The wine cellar is remarkable.
High prices but justified


Antica Pesa
Via Garibaldi 18 06 5809236                                          
Distance 6′



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Trastevere

Antico Arco

The Antico Arco at the top of the Gianicolo hill, just a few steps from the city’s most beautiful view, is an address to keep in mind when you want to spend an excellent evening. “Lovely place, romantic atmosphere and attentive staff, excellent cuisine”, accurate wine cellar.  This is the Antico Arco.

After an aperitif at the bar, the meal always begins with an appetizer offered by the house, followed by Chef Fundim Gjepali’s decidedly gourmet dishes, which are always in line with tradition, starting with the selection of raw materials, and ends with excellent desserts. There is the possibility of proposals for vegetarians and celiacs.

Prices: € 100  

Always open

Antico Arco
Piazzale Aurelio, 7 +39 06 581 5274                                  
Distance 25’ Taxi 10’



Good Restaurants Apartment Area – Trastevere


 Located just a stone’s throw from the Porta Portese district, the area is certainly not one of the most beautiful in the city, but ‘Fernanda’ is definitely worth a visit.
Fernanda and chef Davide Del Duca’s kitchen have been the gastronomic revelation of recent years. It is a modern bistro-restaurant, or modern “osteria”, of design, with an open kitchen, presenting gourmet dishes, creative elaborations of the chef’s flair and talent.  His Bucatini all’Amatriciana have become legendary, as has his Cappelletto alla Birra with mushrooms, but many of his other culinary creations are not to be missed.  The service is excellent. Definitely one of the best places of its kind.

Light Lunch 29€/Lunch: Saturday  Dinner: Monday/Sunday

Tasting Menu:
Artigiano Curioso  59€
Se ne occupa la cucina  4 courses 59€/10 courses 100€
Il Percorso     69€

Via Crescenzo del Monte 18/24 06 5894333   Bus 8




Starred Restaurants  Other Area – Flaminio Ditrict

Bistrot 64*


In the Flaminio district near the Maxxi Museum, a small Michelin-starred restaurant offers excellent value for money. I can assure you that it is not easy to find a Michelin-starred restaurant with such attractive prices and proposals. When you think of a starred restaurant, you don’t think of a Bistrot with wooden tables and essential equipment.
Chef  Nota Kotaro’s cuisine worth the trip, for his innovative dishes and, above all, for the classics amatriciana, cacio e pepe and carbonara. The desserts are beautiful and excellent. It’s a shame that the service is so improvisational.

Tasting Menu
For tables with more than 4 people, exclusively one of the tasting menus.
Just us Five courses chosen by the chef € 50,00 per person
Simply yours Make your own tasting menu choosing “à la carte”. € 60,00 per person

Innovation An innovative path 8 courses chosen by the chef € 90,00 per person

Monday to Sunday 7/7
Bistrot 64

Via G. Calderini 62/64 T +39 06 3235531                                                Bus 628+2



Roman Cuisine

Roman dishes

Roman Cuisine

The typical Roman cuisine is one of the tastiest and oldest in our country and one of the best known. The essential ingredients are the offal (Guts or refusal), the tail, the head, the so-called fifth quarter, i.e. what remains of the cattle after the separation of the noblest parts, which were once intended only for the aristocrats. Roman cuisine consists of popular, simple, very tasty recipes rich in fats, flavours, spices and seasonings.

Typical Roman dishes

Spaghetti alla carbonara, Bucatini all’amatriciana, (which in reality was not originally a Roman dish even if together with Carbonara they are an emblem), Tonnarelli cacio e pepe, Rigatoni con la Pajata, spaghetti ajo ojo e peperoncino, penne all’arrabbiata.  Pasta and Bean Soup, Chickpea Soup, Roman Style Gnocchi, Saltimbocca alla romana, Involtini alla romana, Coda alla vaccinara, Abbacchio alla romana, Abbacchio a scottadito, Chicken with peppers, Trippa alla romana, Coratella with artichokes, Beans with pork rinds, Cod fillet. Artichoke alla Romana, Artichoke alla giudìa, Puntarelle with anchovies, Ripassata chicory, Endive and anchovies, Romanesco broccoli, Supplì, Pumpkin flowers, Puntarelle salad. Sour cherry tar.

Wines obviously include those of the Castelli Romani, with Frascati leading the way.
For good wines from the region, you can refer to these labels:
Casale del Giglio, Cotarella, Tenuta di Fiorano, Pallavicini, Falesco, Cantina Sant’Andrea, Fontana Candida, Sergio Mottura, Poggio Le Volpi, Federici, Villa Simone, Damiano Cioli, Castel De Paolis.






Roman dishes and where to eat them.

The dishes of Roman cuisine can be enjoyed everywhere, whether in the gourmet version in gourmet restaurants, in traditional restaurants or in the classic and very popular trattorias that are the place to go for this cuisine.  Once upon a time, it was said: “In Rome, you eat well everywhere”, unfortunately, this is not true, and very often, you will come across places where these simple dishes are cooked in a more than approximate manner. It is up to you to choose where to enjoy authentic Roman cuisine, whether in more refined and obviously more expensive establishments or in more affordable, noisy but cheerful establishments, with service that is, to say the least, hasty if not crude. Still, the latter is part of being Roman. Although I love Roman cuisine very much, I am personally not a fan of this type of catering, which is usually very popular.



Roman Cuisine  Restaurants Apartment Area – Isola Tiberina

Sora Lella

Trattoria Sora Lella is an absolute must when it comes to Roman cuisine, firstly because it is a bastion of the city’s catering industry, and secondly because of the celebrity of its owner Sora Lella (now deceased), one of the most popular characters in our city, thanks to her participation in many successful films of the 80s, and among other things sister of the equally famous Aldo Fabrizi, (the priest in the film Roma Città Aperta by Roberto Rossellini) Sora Lella, in the centre of the Tiber Island, with over 60 years of history, is a cornerstone of traditional Roman cuisine: Coda alla Vaccinara; Coratella d’abbacchio; tripe alla romana; broccoli and arzilla pasta; pasta and chickpeas with clams; pasta and beans; abbacchio alla scottadito, home-made desserts, with the inevitable ricotta cake and ice cream. Prices are a little higher than average. And the service is a little too hasty.

Trattoria Sora Lella is now run by Sora Lella’s grandchildren.


Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, 16  06.6861601        
Distance 10′


Roman Cuisine- Other Area Testaccio

Checchino dal 1887


Checchino dal 1887  is a cornerstone of Roman restoration, located in the Testaccio district. It is located in Testaccio, right in front of the old slaughterhouse, now a museum.
Entering this restaurant, you take a step back into the past and into Roman cuisine. The traditional Roman dishes are all there and cooked expertly. There are a well-stocked wine list and an experienced sommelier. It is obviously a very traditional restaurant, classic in every way, with adequately spaced tables, an old-fashioned atmosphere, waiters in their old uniforms but who know how to deal with customers. It’s one of those restaurants you can try during a holiday in Rome. Slightly high prices.
The halls of this restaurant are inside the Monte dei Cocci,  named  Monte dei cocci because made of potsherds, pieces of amphorae from the Imperial and Republican eras of ancient Rome, which were piled up here, and over time have formed a hill about 50 metres high and 1 km wide. Checchino’s cellar, which you can visit, is dug out of the shards.

open from Tuesday to Sunday

Checchino ristorante a Testaccio dal 1887
via di Monte Testaccio, 30  tel 0039 065743816                                             Bus 23 or 280 /




trattorie TRASTEVERE

Da Enzo al 29

One of Trastevere’s historic trattorias, Da Enzo has a menu of classic Roman dishes. Always crowded, the queue is a must. Reservations can be made for the 7.30pm shift.
Da Enzo al 29, Via dei Vascellari, 29 (+39) 06 58 12 260.
Distance  12′ Sunday Closed

Da Teo
Another well-known Trattoria, in a small, romantic square where you can dine outdoor. In addition to Roman cuisine, you will find fish specialities.
Trattoria da Teo, Piazza Dei Ponziani 7, Ph.: 06 5818355
Distance 12′
Opening hours Mon – Sat 12:30 – 15:00 19:30 – 23:30 Sunday Closed

When you think of a trattoria, Carlone certainly comes to mind. Da Carlone already existed at the end of the 19th century, Here you can find all the classic dishes of Roman cuisine: served in more than generous portions.
DA CARLONE Via della Luce 5 (Trastevere) 065800039      
Distance 10Closed Monday


trattorie CAMPO di FIORI

La Fiaschetta

A stone’s throw from Campo de’ Fior, La Fiaschetta is a small, cosy trattoria. We recommend it for its good local cuisine and a good wine cellar. The cost is not high. Good service.
La Fiaschetta, Via dei Cappellari, 64 Ph.: 06 6821 0599                          Distance 5′

 L’Oste Matto a Roma
A simple trattoria, just as one imagines a trattoria should be, with tables against the walls, a small garden. The cuisine is made up of simple but quality dishes, from the classic repertoire, and the host in the dining room with his humour and jokes, “I’ve done the hosteria with the host”, take it or leave it.
L’Oste Matto, Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 140/A Ph.: 06 8765 6724
Monday – Saturday: 12:00 – 15:00 19:00 – 23:00 Closed on Sundays     
Distance 8′

You can hear the sound of forks being placed on plates in summer, as this trattoria is so close to the flat.  For the rest: spartan environment, checked tablecloths, menu written on a sheet of paper, Roman cuisine, good service, relatively reasonable prices.
SERGIO Vicolo delle Grotte, 27, 06 686 4293  Closed Sunday    Distance 1′


trattorie PANTHEON

In a small alley opposite the Parliament is one of the city’s most famous trattorias. The dishes, furnishings, atmosphere and service here take you back in time. The restaurant is cosy, characterised by floral frescoes, where you can quietly order a nice plate of pasta (strictly homemade) and a jug of wine.
Da Gino al Parlamento Vicolo Rosini, 4 Telephone: 066873434 Closed Sunday                                                       Distance 14′

Founded in 1518, with more than 500 years, it is the oldest restaurant in Rome. It is more than 500 years old. A truly historic restaurant that has survived all ages because it has always remained the same.
LA CAMPANA Vicolo della Campana 18 066867820   Closed Monday                                                                     Distance 12’

It is a rustic environment with very close tables and a pleasant veranda where the traditional Roman dishes are well prepared and well served. I suggest you book, almost impossible to find a place.  Closed Sunday                                      Distance 12’
Matricianella Via del Leone 2, 066832100                     



trattorie TESTACCIO

Testaccio is one of the city’s best-known neighbourhoods, a popular gastronomic destination for its typical trattorias. 

Felice a Testaccio
An institution in Roman cuisine, one of the most popular and frequented trattorias. Obviously traditional Roman cuisine. A different menu every day of the week, Thursday gnocchi, Friday spaghetti with seafood, Saturday rigatoni with pajata, etc. Quick service, prices not trattoria-style.
Felice a Testaccio Via Mastro Giorgio, 29 – Ph.: +39 065746800 
www.                 Bus 23 or 280

Lo Scopettaro is one of the city’s most historic and famous trattorias, a cosy place with classic cuisine, generous portions, traditional flavours and warm service.
LO SCOPETTARO Lungotevere Testaccio, 7 Ph.: +39 065757912

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 12.30 – 15.30 – 19.30 – 22.30 – Bus 23 or 280


OSTIENSE (Testaccio)


Osteria Fratelli Mori
Although relatively young, Osteria Fratelli Mori was opened in 2004 and is a typical Roman trattoria where you can feel at home. Three large rooms, a small outdoor area and traditional Roman dishes.
Osteria Fratelli Mori Via dei Conciatori, 10
Mon-Sun 12:30-14:30 / 19:30-23:30  Bus 23

Trattoria Pennestri
Trattoria Pennestri, only opened in 2017, is a cosy, warm-hearted restaurant serving traditional Roman cuisine with a few fresh and innovative touches.
Trattoria Pennestri Via Giovanni da Empoli, 5 (Ostiense) 06 574 2418          Bus 23

Flavio al Velavevodetto
In the Testaccio district, a trattoria not to be missed, a reference point for Roman cuisine where you can taste La Carbonara amatriciana, gricia, meatballs, artichokes alla Giudia, cacio e pepe. The restaurant also has a pleasant veranda.
Flavio al Velavevodetto,  via di Monte Testaccio 97. Tel. 06 5744 195               Bus 23


Trattorie Other Area


da CESARE al  Casaletto
Take tram 8 from Via Arenula and get off at the last stop about 20 minutes. To reach one of the best trattorias in the city, thanks to its chef-owner, offers one of the Roman cuisine’s best interpretations, excellent value for money.
DA CESARE al Casaletto, Via del Casaletto, 45 06536015
Opening hours Mon – Sun 12:45 – 15:00 | 19:45 – 23:00 Closed on                                                                    Bus 8

 Trattoria Da Danilo
In the Esquilino district is Trattoria Da Danilo. Pictures of famous people on the walls checked tablecloths and dishes of the day marked on the blackboard, from the kitchen the classic dishes.
Trattoria da Danilo via Petrarca, 13 Tel: +39 06 77200111
Open every day except Sunday and Monday lunchtime.                                 Bus 70

 Trattoria popolare L’Avvolgibile
I told you about Adriano Baldassarre, star chef at Tordomatto and also owner of Trattoria Popolare – L’Avvolgibile.  Here, unlike the restaurant in Prati, he offers traditional Roman cuisine at reasonable prices.
L’Avvolgibile, Appia, 56  Ph.:06 50695104
From Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch and  Dinner               Metro A (Get Off Ponte Lungo)

Not far from the centre, close to Santa Maria Maggiore (in the evening it is advisable to take a taxi). Trattoria, in the name, is actually a good restaurant.  The cuisine is authentic in the best sense of the word.  Reservation is recommended.

  Via San Vito 13° Tel 06 4466573
Closed Sunday Evening and Monday                       Bus 70


 Jewish-Roman cuisine

Roman cuisine is flanked and complemented by that of the Jewish-Roman tradition. Its cod fillets or courgette flowers, sour cherry tart, artichokes alla giudia, anchovies with endive, sweetbreads with artichokes, all of which can be tried in the restaurants of the Ghetto.
(Among the many kosher rules is the stringent prohibition on eating meat and milk together, which means that there must be no contamination of any kind in the kitchen, so you will never find dairy products in a meat restaurant).
Just 5 minutes from the flat, Rome’s Jewish Ghetto is not only a destination but a gastronomic must if you want to get in touch with Jewish-Roman cuisine. Of course, like all tourist destinations, it may have some unpleasant surprises, especially in the bill. In the Ghetto, you can find both street food and the classic trattorias, and the food served follows kosher rules. 

Keep in mind that almost all restaurants and shops in this area will be closed every Friday night and Saturday due to Shabbat (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset).


Trattorie GHETTO

 A grill lover’s paradise focused on the world of high-quality meat.
Via del Portico D’Ottavia 51  Ph.: +39 06 68 33 104

Sora Margherita
A small, rustic trattoria in the heart of the Ghetto, where you can eat next to each other in the small space available. The first courses with handmade pasta are excellent.
Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30 Tel 06 6874216

Ba’ghetto offers traditional Judaic-Romanesque cuisine and Middle Eastern dishes.
via del Portico d’Ottavia, 57 Ph.: 0668892868

Su’ghetto, offers typical Jewish dishes. Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 1 C Ph.:0668805605

Ba’ghetto Milky for fish and milk dishes Via portico d’Ottavia 2/a. Ph.:0668300077

Nonna Betta
At Nonna Betta, you can enjoy real kosher cuisine, with artichokes as the protagonist.
Nonna Betta (via del Portico d’Ottavia, 16). Ph.: 06 6880 6263

da Giggetto Hostaria since 1923
In the past the best known and most popular, famous for its fried artichokes.
Giggetto Via del Portico di Ottavia 21/a-22 +39 06 686 1105

Piperno is one of the oldest restaurants in the Ghetto, famous in the 1970s, serving dishes from Roman and Jewish traditions. It is a restaurant, not a trattoria
Restaurant Piperno Monte dé Cenci, 9  Ph.: 06

Ghetto distance 5′




Romana or Napoletana?

In Rome, you can find two types of pizza.

Pizza alla Romana, and Pizza alla Napoletana

Roman-style pizza is very thin, almost crunchy in the mouth,     

The Neapolitan pizza is high and soft and is distinguished by its high edge, the so-called cornicione

Until recently, for a good pizza, you had to go to the suburbs. Fortunately, there have been new openings or transfers in the centre in the last season, so it is almost no longer necessary to make a long journey to enjoy a good pizza.



The Best Pizzerias Apartment Area

Pizzerie Apartment Area


PIZZA ROMANA (Roman style pizza)

EMMA PIZZERIA                                                              
Via Monti della Farina 28 tel. 0664760475 (Via dei Giubbonari)                                Always Open                                           Distance   2’

Via benedetta 23 Tel. 065894016  Trastevere
Always Open                                                                                              Distance 5’

(Neapolitan Pizza)

Via del Lavatore 91 Ph.: 069380163 (Trevi’s Fountain)                 Distance 14′     Closed Monday

Via della Frezza, 64, 06 3938 7518  (Piazza di Spagna)                 Distanza 15’

Closed Tuesday

Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46 0693571050 (Piazza di Spagna)  Distanza 15’ always open

Via Vittoria Colonna 32 0686766621 (Prati District)                        Distance 20′
or Bus 70/81/87/492 
Always Open


The Best Other Area


Relatively Close

PIZZA NAPOLETANA (Neapolitan Pizza)

via Angelo Bargoni 10-18 Tel. 065883384 (close Trastevere)      This is the Top              
Closed Tuesday                                Bus 8

Via Federico Ozanam 30/32 tel 065466702  (Monteverde)                    Bus 8    Always Open

Sant’Isidoro Pizza & Bolle
Via Oslavia, 41 Tel. 06 8982 2607 (Prati District)
Always Open . Saturday and Sunday only the evening                             Bus 280

In Fucina
Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25/31, 06 55 93 368  Closed Monday                                                               By taxi




PIZZA ROMANA (Roman style pizza)

Via del Governo Vecchio 77 (Piazza Navona) Always Open                                           
Distance    8’                             

Vicolo dei Savelli 12   (Piazza Navona)                 Closed Monday                             Distance   8’

Vicolo del Bologna 5 065880516   (Trastevere)   Always Open 12.00/00,00                           Distance     6’

Viale Trastevere 53/59 065800919
Closed Wednesday – Open only the evening starting 18,30      Distance  12′

Via S. Francesco a Ripa 158 Tel. 065817082
Closed Tuesday                                                                                     Distance  12’

These pizzerias are the most popular and frequented pizzerias in Rome. They belong to the old pizzerias category, where people went to be with friends without spending too much.  The pizza is Roman style, thin and not very seasoned. A little comfort, and confidential service, too confidential. Low prices.

 PIZZA NAPOLETANA (Neapolitan Pizza)

Via del Banco di Santo Spirito 19  06 68192641 (Castel sant’Angelo)
Always Open                                                                                            Distance 14’

Via della Pace 11 0668803312          (Piazza Navona)  Always Open                                                    Distance 8’



Japanese – Chinese – Indian- Peruvian – Mexican


Via dei Baullari 147A. Roma. Tel +39 06 64760753      www.
Always Open  AREA CAMPO DI FIORI     Distance 3’

Via di Fontanella borghese 48 (Palazzo Fendi) 0699266622
Always Open AREA/PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  Distance 14’

Via Della Mercede 35/36 066792134
Closed Monday  

Passeggiata di Ripetta 15 063223414
Closed Sunday AREA PIAZZA Del POPOLO Distance 25’ Bus 628

Via degli Scipioni 243 06321342
Closed: Monday and Saturday for Lunch PRATI DISTRICT  Bus 70 87 30

VIA Dei Serpenti 27 06483648
Closed Sunday – Monday Lunch
MONTI DISTRICT  Distance   20’  Bus 64  or 70

Via Palermo 51 064815655
Closed: Sunday Lunch and Monday
MONTI DISTRICT   Bus 64 or 70

Via Giuseppe Giulietti 21°  065756945
Closed Monday
     Area Testaccio /Piramide  Bus 23 – 280   

Via del Gazometro 54 Tel. 065744958
Closed Wednesday

Chinese – Indian- Peruvian – Mexican


Via Piè di Marmo 28  066798628
Always Open PANTHEON AREA  Distance 6’


Always Open 
AREA ESQUILINO ( Piazza Vittorio/ Termini Station) Bus 64 70

Via Giovanni Giolitti, 189 – 06 4468356
Always Open  AREA ESQUILINO  Termini Station) Bus 64 or 40

Via Emilia, 85 – 064825577
Via Veneto Area Distance 25’ Bus 62 or 160


Via Giulia 201  0686875815
Closed Sunday APARTMENT AREA  Distance 2′


Via San Francesco a ripa 56 065803992
Always open not Monday lunch
AREA:  TRASTEVERE  Distance    12’

Via Cimara 4 064741110
Always Open MONTI DISTRICT  Distance   30’  BUS 64

Via Dei Serpenti 124 0647477144
Always Open  Distance   30’  BUS 64

PACIFICO ROMA ( Palazza Dama)
Lgt Arnaldo da Brescia 2, Tel. 063207042
Always Open 
PIAZZA del POPOLO AREA Distance 30’   BUS 628                                         


Via di Santa Cecilia 8 065816665
Closed Sunday
      AREA:  TRASTEVERE  Distance   12’


For a quick meal, a good beer, a casual meal


Via del Conservatorio 58 Tel. + 39 06 68803914
Tasting menu for a great gastronomic experience Here you can taste the best products and the best wines of Italy also in a tasting course, led by an expert.
pen in the evening Apartment Area  Distance 2′

Piazza Farnese 52
The location on the Piazza Farnese does not need a presentation. The wine cellar is well stocked with hundreds of labels, the dishes to accompany the wines are well prepared, the service is professional, a little expensive.

Via dei Barbieri 23 Ph. 06 68807047
Piccolo Elegante e soprattutto accogliente. Proposta Gastronomica eccellente, Servizio premuroso, Ottima la selezione di Vini, Birre, e Distillati.
Always Open  APARTMENT AREA  Distance 3’

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 14 tel.: 6864628
If you love wine, this tiny wine bar is the place where you can taste the best Italian wines, accompanied by appetizers.
Closed Sunday  Apartment Area Distance 6′

Piazza Trilussa 41 06 58333920
In Chaotic Trastevere, filled with improbable and approximate local an address sure where to have a good aperitif with good wines. Enoteca Ferrara and La Mescita (less informal) are the same company but with different price et service.

Piazza Pasquino 73 0668801094

Reported in all the guides, especially the foreign ones, was one of the first wine bars in the city. Very Interesting  the list of the wine list, a little less, the kitchen, poor service. PIAZZA NAVONA AREA  Distance  5’

Via Monte Giordano 28 Tel 0668803288  
Wine Bar with affordable prices with a great wine list.  Good selection of appetizers, excellent carpaccio, soups, salads, meatballs, duck, pork. 

Piazza di Pietra 32 Ph. 0668892199
L’enoteca Spirit  is a beautiful, modern, wide wine bar and a wine bar with a kitchen. Croutons, salami, buffalo and tartar. But also prime dishes, well cooked and good quality meats. The prices a bit high.
AREA:  PANTHEON AREA   Distance 8′        

Piazza Cavour 16 06 3241489
Il Simposio It was one of the first and perhaps never overtaking wine bar in Rome.
A large wine cellar with necessary bottles, prestigious labels, great cheeses, excellent products, gourmet cuisine. The Symposium is open from morning, for a coffee and a delicious pastry shop, for a quick lunch, and of course for a refined dinner

Closed Sunday  PRATI DISTRICT        Distance 20’       Bus 70 – 492-87-81-30         

Via Properzio 23/25 Ph. O668801310
For a quick lunch, a cold dinner or an aperitif, An excellent selection of cheeses, cold cuts, pizzas. The wine list includes many organic labels.
Closed Sunday   PRATI DISTRICT Distance 30’ Bus 492 – 81 – 23                                          

Via del Boschetto 41b 0647825953

Wine lovers, here is a good address, with an exciting wine offer even of lesser-known manufacturers but always of excellent level. The gastronomic offer is of quality, great selection of cheeses and cold cuts but also well-prepared dishes. You can come for a drink, for lunch and if you want even for dinner.
Closed Sunday and Saturday for lunch  MONTI DISTRICT  Distance  25’    Bus 64  – 70


Beer and Food


Via degli Specchi 6 066838989
A unique place for beer lovers. Over forty draft beers of  the best artisan producers Italian and non. Great hamburgers with high-quality meat and quality bread.


Via Silla 26  Tel 0683762316
A beautiful space where you will find the artisan, with the industrial style and the design. Here the kitchen is at the service of beer and not vice versa. All dishes are made according to the type of beer, many of which are produced directly here. Traditional dishes, or the excellent pizzas by Gabriele Bonci.

AREA PRATI DISTRICT Close to the Vatican Museums  Distance  35′ Bus 23 – 81-492

Piazza Risorgimento 7° Tel 0694411854
For artisan beer’s lovers, an immense local with a large counter with an 18-pin plant and 6 handpumps. Manuele Colonna handled all the beers selection, the most extensive beer’s expert in the city. Trapizzino, the famous stuffed pizza’s triangle, plus a few choices of cheeses and salami about the Food. In addition to beer, a small selection of whiskies.
Always Open  SAN PIETRO –VATICAN MUSEUM  Distance 35′ Bus 23 – 81-492

Via Benedetta 25 3805074938
Do not come here to eat or to sit comfortably. Here you can have only an excellent and varied selection of national and international beers draft or bottled. The place is tiny, and people (especially young people) like to stand on the street with the inevitable glass of beer and, of course, chatting.



A Museum, A Cloister, A Terrace, A Square: for a gourmet break


Via delle Zocolette 220 6689572296
An elegant retro decor. A pleasant courtyard and in the kitchen 4 girls, guided by their mother and here’s a place of great success. Pianostrada is very expensive, but you really enjoy it in a very well kept and elegant setting.
Closed Monday  Distance 1′

Vicolo della Scala 1 0658332008
La Latteria (The milk shop) is a place that is born from an old Milk Shop, some of which still remind us. It open  with breakfast in the morning until late in the evening with live music.
TRASTEVERE   Distance 8’

CAMILLO a PIAZZA NAVONA Piazza Navona 79, 81
What could be more evocative than being in Piazza Navona?
PIAZZA NAVONA  Distance  6’   

At the Cloister of Bramante’s, there is always a fascinating exhibition to see, and then take a break in the lodge (the place is charming). The cuisine of the cafeteria is not very wide but discrete. You can have access to the cafe also without buying a ticket.
PIAZZA NAVONA  Distance  6’   

Via di Monte Giordano 60/61 06 68802461
Coromandel is a jewel of Roman dining, a place that has a polyhedral vocation from breakfast to dinner. A local immediately surprised by its retro and elegant taste, with English porcelain and soft lights and the warm atmosphere. (When it is not too crowded). It’s possible to starts with breakfast, Italian croissants and goodies of overseas (pancakes, french toast, muffins, brownies); For lunch every day a different menu: for example juicy burgers, scrambled eggs, malted soup and chickpea or gnocchetti with Roman broccoli with pecorino and speck, liquorice pie and tiramisu. For aperitifs of pancakes, cold meats and cheese to be accompanied by artisan beers and natural wines. In the evenings, you can combine your tasting menu. Always  a great selection of hot and cold drinks, juices.
PIAZZA NAVONA   Distance 8′         

piazzale caffarelli 4
The Wonderfull Caffarella Terrace is the cafeteria of the Capitoline Museums, but there is also a separate entrance. I think the location and the view that it offers of the city are sufficient to enjoy a moment of relaxation with a coffee or light lunch. Bad Service.
AREA PIAZZA VENEZIA Capitolines Museums  Open every day 9,30/19,00   Distance 8’    

A Museum, A Cloister, A Terrace, A Square: for a gourmet break

PANTHEON – PIAZZA DI SPAGNA – PIAZZA DEL POPOLO                                                     

COLLEGIO Vini, Liquori & Cibo
Piazza Capranica 99 Ph 066940992
A prestigious location in a 700-century palace just restored with simple materials: wood, iron and leather to not bother the origins.
Vino Liquori e Cibo. Wines, Liqueurs & Food. The name contains the restaurant’s philosophy. Dishes of gastronomic tradition made with raw materials of the territory but with a certain international touch.  Selected wines and author’s cocktails.   ALWAYS OPEN  Distance 10′

Piazza Sant’Eustachio 54 066864995 – Via Borgognona 43/44
Tel. 06.69940836‎
Ideal for a gourmet break under the sign of quality and healthy Food.
lways Open       PANTHEON   Distance  5‘ PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  Distance  15′

Via Borgognona 4 tel 39066794980
In the beautiful and quiet Via Borgognona  You can stop consuming truffle, even just a sandwich and a cup of tea or enjoying brunch or ordering a delicious dish. The prices are certainly not low, but they are well indicated and are determined based on the amount of truffle desired.
Always Open  PIAZZA DI SPAGNA   Distance  15′

Piazza di Spagna 23 066786027
BABINGTON’S  is an English’s tea room in the heart of Rome, All very old-fashioned and very expensive. You come here More than anything else for the atmosphere. BRUNCH Every day Always Open            PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  Distance 15’      Bus 62

Via della Trinità dei Monti 1 tel. 3311230260
Inside the wonderful Villa Medici. Great gastronomic proposal: both in quicker preparations, burgers, cheese, than in the most sought after, swordfish bowl, shrimp ravioli, lamb with hazelnuts.
Closed Monday    PIAZZA DI SPAGNA   Distance  20’         Bus 62  

Via del Babuino, 150/a-b   06 3211 0702
wo centuries of Italian sculpture:  in what was the study of sculpture by Antonio Canova before and later of his student Adam Tadolini and his family of sculptors. Today is simultaneously a restaurant, a museum, a coffee, an aperitif bar where it is delightful to take a break.  Open daily from 8.00 to 24.00  PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  Distance  20’ Bus 62

BABETTE Via Margutta 1d tel.063211559
An elegant bistrò in the most charming street in the city, with excellent Food.
Closed Monday PIAZZA DEL POPOLO  Distance 25’    BUS 628

Piazza Bucarest 0669922090
One of the most beautiful places to spend some pleasant time
You can come for a drink, or a meal at lunchtime less demanding, for breakfast or an aperitif or a Cocktail, there is also the healthy corner for natural food lovers.
 Bus 628

CAFFE’ DELLE ARTI Via A. Gramsci 73
After a visit to the National Gallery, You can enjoy a break in the halls or on the terrace of the Caffé delle Artis; the location is charming and perfects the brunch, with a buffet of hot and cold dishes appetizers, dishes, fruits and desserts very well-prepared.
Distance 45’    BUS 23 + 19 or 628+19  TAXI 18’  




Vegetarians and Vegans Restaurants

IL MARGUTTA RISTO ARTE Via Margutta 118 06 32650577
Piazza del Popolo Distance 25′

Via Boncompagni, 31-33, www.
Via Veneto Distance 35′ Bus 62

MA VA’ ? Restaurant Roma
Via Euclide Turba, 6/8, 06 372 9134
Prati District  BUS 280

ia Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli 142 Tel. 06 4567 8050 www.
Prati District 20′ Bus 70 280, 81 , 87 492 30 

Via Dei Gracchi 87
Prati District Bus 81 87 280 70 

Via Natale del Grande 6/7 Tel. : 0688798381 Trastevere Distance 12′
Via Urbana 134 06 4881355
Monti District Distance 30′ Bus 64 or 70




Via di Monte Giordano, 60
Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Price: a la carte

Proloco Trastevere
Via Goffredo Mameli, 23

Saturday and Sunday: “Peasant Lunch” from 12.00 to 15.30 Price: €25 per person
TRASTEVERE Distance 12’ Bus 8

Vicolo del Cedro, 26

Sundays from 12:00 to 15:30 Price: a la carte menu
TASTEVERE Distance 10’

Via Jacopa de’ Settesoli, 7

Sunday lunch  Price: €25 excluding drinks
TRASTEVERE Distance 12’ Bus 8

Viale Trastevere 192
Saturday and Sunday brunch, Monday – Friday business lunch Price: a la carte menu.
TRASTEVERE  Distance 12’  Bus 8

Piazza Trilussa, 41, 00153 Roma06 5833 3920

Brunch: Saturday and Sunday H 13.00/16,00 (the service ends at 15 hours).
€ 25 (excluding drinks)
TRASTEVERE Distance 5’

Via Vitellia 102
Brunch € 25
VILLA PAMPHILI Bus 8 + Distance 20’ 

Piazza di Spagna, 23

Every day from 10 a.m. to 7p.m. Price: a la carte menu

IL MARGUTTA RISTO ARTE Via Margutta 118 06 32650577 

PIAZZA del POPOLO Distance 25’ Bus 628

Via Vittoria Colonna 30

Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm  Price: €32
PRATI DISTRICT  Distance 20’ BUS 70, 280, 81,87 492

LA VERANDA Hotel Columbus Borgo S.Spirito 73

Sunday: Big Brunch €29,00 – Light Brunch €20,00 Baby Brunch €15,00 Veg Brunch €26,00
SAN PIETRO Distance 15’ Bus 64 46 40

Via Antonio Pacinotti 83
Friday – Sunday 10am – 6pm Price: a la carte menu
TESTACCIO Bus 23 280

Via di San Saba 11
Saturdays and Sundays from 12.30pm to 4pm
Price: €20 per person, €12 for children including entertainment

Via Giovanni da Empoli 37

Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm Price: a la carte menu



Roman Street Food

Not only starred restaurants, trattorias, traditional restaurants or restaurants with creative cuisine, but also street food.

Street Food is the convenient, quick and tasty gastronomic alternative, and wherever and whenever you are, you are spoilt for choice.

And even if Roman Street Food is represented by Suppli (rice balls with mozzarella and meat sauce), Pizza al taglio, Panino con la porchetta, Fritti,  in Rome everything has become street food, even ravioli and gnocchi. Every neighbourhood, every alleyway in Rome, has an address dedicated to Street Food.  But some make the difference, and some addresses are a must – let’s discover them together, from the most traditional to the most original.





Termini Station is not a very inviting place, but can hold some pleasant surprises hidden among the amazing architecture of the 30’s where has the headquarters the Mercato Centrale.
At the Mercato Centrale inside Termini station, there are outlets from the best-known and acknowledged masters of Street Food.
Il Mercato Centrale is open from 7 a.m. until midnight.


MERCATO TESTACCIO  Via B. Franklin 12 TESTACCIO Bus 23 or 280
The Testaccio Market is not only a famous local market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and bread. It houses many shops that have become the true ambassadors of Roman Street Food. 





to suit all tastes


PIZZARIUM Via della Meloria , 43 VATICAN MUSEUM Bus 492
Gabriele Bonci is, according to many, the king of Pizza by the slice. All his pizzas are prepared with special flour mixtures and filled with ingredients of the highest quality you won’t find anywhere else.  Of course, the prices are more than high.

GINO Via del Corso 502 PIAZZA del POPOLO Distance 25′ Bus 628
Here you can find Pizza with mortadella (Pizza con la Mortazza as they say in Rome) Simple and delicious.

IL FORNO di CAMPO di FIORI Piazza Campo di Fiori 22 Distance 2′
Hot Pizza at all hours or alternatively great sandwiches

FORNO ROSCIOLI Via Dei Chiavari 34 CAMPO DI FIORI Distance 2′
You have to wait in line, but at the end, you are rewarded, excellent red Pizza or with mozzarella, thin and crispy.

AMERINA Largo dei Librari 82 Distance 1’
Pizza is shaped like the pan in which it is cooked. The result is an excellent small pizza.

LA RENELLA Via del Moro 15  TRASTEVERE Distance 8’
Known for excellent bread, it is also a good address for a piece of pizza slices.

FLORIDA Via Florida 25  LARGO ARGENTINA Distance 5′
The  Pizza is really well made, tasty and light. And above all at a reasonable price.  

ZAZA’  Piazza Sant’Eustachio 49  PANTHEON Distance 6’
A Tasty pizza taste very light  in countless variants

DON Vera Pizza Fritta Napoletana Via S Francesco a Ripa 103 TRASTEVERE Distance 12’
In Naples, the fried Pizza is a classic. You can find it everywhere. Now you can also try it in Rome in this small and neat fryer in Trastevere. The pizzas are in different flavours and sizes.




Supplì, the classic one is with meat sauce with mozzarella in the middle, but now you can find it in many variations such as Cacio e Pepe, All’Amatriciana, alla Carbonara. The Sicilian variant of the Supllì is the Arancini, much more prominent and conical in shape.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143 06877847  CAMPO di FIORI  Distance 8’
Here the popular supplì is interpreted as gourmet. The quality is good the prices high. Supplì average price 1€ Here 3€

Via San Francesco A Ripa 137 TRASTEVERE Distance 12′
In Trastevere, everyone knows this place and its supplì, from the classic one with meat sauce, or cacio e pepe or with squid ink and red shrimps.

Fried cod fillet with zucchini flowers is a typical product of popular cuisine.        

Largo Dei Librari 88 Distance 1′
The best and most famous battered cod fillet can be found at dar Filettaro. The filettaro is located in a small square that opens onto via dei giubbonari. You can sit inside or take it away.

Via del Teatro Pace 37 PIAZZA NAVONA Distance 6’

In addition to Baccala, there are other varieties of fish to choose from.



A Thousand Ways To Fill a Sandwich

A sandwich is street food for excellence.
The traditional Roman one is with Porchetta di Ariccia.

Sandwich with Porchetta
Via S. Francesco a Ripa 140A Trastevere Distance 12’
Via Natale del Grande, 15 Trastevere Distance 12’
ER BUCHETTO Via del Viminale, 2  
Via Nazionale (Teatro dell’Opera) Bus 64

But there are sandwich shops for every taste.

Piazza Trilussa, 46 Trastevere Distance 5′Via Giovanni Branca, 88,  Testaccio, Bus 23/280
Trapizzino is a triangle of Pizza stuffed with the classic sauces of Roman cuisine.

IL MARITOZZO ROSSO  Vicolo del Cedro, 26 Trastevere  Distance 8’
The Maritozzo is a typical Roman sweet, very good and very caloric. At Maritozzo Rosso, you can find it in the savoury version.

MORDI E VAI  Mercato di Testaccio Testaccio Bus 23 o 280
Mordi & Vai is one of Rome’s most famous sandwiches.  The house’s speciality is the boiled meat sandwich. and sandwiches with  tripe and grandma’s meatballs.

PESCARIA  Via Leone IV, 14   Prati Vatican Museum Bus 23
At Pescaria, you can find delicious seafood sandwiches with quality fish: Shad, Gilthead, Sea Bass or Octopus. As well as fried seafood sandwiches, raw fish, tartare and salads.

BAGUETTERIA del FICO Via della Fossa 12  Distance 8’   
Safe address for good sandwiches.

QUE TE PONGO? Via della Dogana Vecchia 12 (Pantheon) Distance 5’
Gastro-corner in the heart of Rome.  Sandwich with salmon and other fish prepared in front of you and customized to your taste.

LA SANDWICHERIA Largo Nazareno 16  PIAZZA di SPAGNA Distance 14’
The sandwiches, freshly prepared with ingredients carefully selected.

Via dei Gracchi 193  PRATI DISTRICT  Distance 30’  BUS 81, 87, 70, 280
For a sandwich stuffed with quality products of excellence. Good selection of craft beers.

PANINO DIVINO Via dei Gracchi 11a PRATI DISTRICT  Distance 35’  BUS 81, 492, 23
Excellent sandwiches made with two different types of bread and excellently prepared with quality ingredients (salami, cheeses, meat, fish, vegetables).

Via Crescenzio 56 0645505797 PRATI DISTRICT   Distance 35’  BUS  23, 492

If you love the Hamburgers, this is a good address, good meat, good bread, captivating the chips, not up to the toppings. If you prefer a dish made of fish,just go to the restaurant next door. Prices are affordable.

MIZIO Via degli Zingari 54 MONTI Bus 70 or 64
At Mizio’s, you will find excellent sandwiches, imaginatively stuffed with top quality cold meats and cheeses, and delicious tielle (Tiella di Gaeta is a typical savoury pie: made up of 2 layers of puff pastry and a tasty filling).


Pasta in All Shapes, Sizes and Flavours.


CIAO CHECCA – Piazza di Firenze, 25 Pantheon Distance 14’
The house dish is Pasta alla Checca (rigatoni, mozzarella, tomato, basil that gives the name to the restaurant). But also many other proposals. ravioli, noodles with pesto, soups, vegetables, fruit smoothies, centrifuges, and juices.

PASTA IMPERIALE Via dei Coronari 160   Piazza Navona Distance 10’
To eat a simple pasta dish cooked expressed in an open kitchen and with a few tables, for a reasonable price. Fettuccine, Strangozzi, noodles, noodles, tortellini, gnocchi, ravioli, according to your taste, with various toppings

NON SOLO PASTA  Via della Stelletta 21° Pantheon Distance 12’
In this store, in addition to finding fresh pasta are excellent ready-made sauces (pesto, walnut sauce) and ready meals to take away or eat on site

PASTIFICIO GUERRA, Via della Croce 8, Piazza di Spagna Distance 18’
Just a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna is Pastificio Guerra, where every day you can choose between different types of pasta, one from Rome and the other from other regions. You can eat standing inside the restaurant; water and a glass of wine are complimentary.

L’INVOLTINO – Via dei Gracchi, 28 PRATI District Distance 35’ Bus 81, 23, 492
The roulade is a typical Sicilian product made with different types of meat and various fillings, but there is also one made with swordfish or pasta alla Norma (Ricotta Salata Eggplant, Tomato).

GISELDA Viale Trastevere 52 TRASTEVERE Distance 14’ Bus 8
On the Grand Avenue that separates the two Trastevere, from morning to evening bread, pizza, brioche, tarts, coffee, cappuccino, croissants, cold cuts, cheese, burgers, pasta.

SAPORI DI GAETA – Via  Carlo Porta, 19 Porta Portese Bus 8

Try the salted cake typical of Gaeta in various versions, each one exquisite.

LE MANI IN PASTA, Mercato Testaccio Box. 58, Via Beniamino Franklin 12E, BUS 23 or 280
The Testaccio Market is the soul of street food: and it couldn’t miss a box dedicated to pasta. At le Mani in Pasta, pasta is strictly homemade and offered in all the recipes of Roman cuisine plus other different proposals every day.

ALL BI BOX Organic Street Food Largo Corrado Ricci , 94 Colosseo Distance 30′
The traditional dishes interpreted in the Street Food version, like the meatball, in 14 different types in three different boxes (of 3, 8 or 15).

MARIOLINA – Via Panisperna, 22 Monti Distance 25’ Bus 64 or 70
Here you can taste exquisite ravioli to eat on the spot or Take Away.



Apartment Area


Vicolo Cellini, 30

Rome’s first speakeasy, The Jerry Thomas Project, has been ranked among the best cocktail bars in the world. And one of the most popular in Rome where drinking is a culture.
CAMPO di FIORI Distance 8′

Via dei Cappellari, 93
A secret bar decorated with a particular taste where you can also listen to live music. Cocktails inspired by the medical use of alcohol in the past.
CAMPO di FIORI Distance 4’

Via di San Nicola de Cesarini 3/4 (Largo Argentina)
Cocktail Bar s where the cocktails can be accompanied by gourmet dishes made with small delicious samplest.
CAMPO di FIORI (Largo Argentina) Distance 4’

Via della Conciliazione, 4

The Chorus Cafè, an elegant cocktail bar inside the Auditorium Conciliazione The location is suggestive, and the cocktails are perfectly mixed.
SAN PIETRO 20′ Bus 64 or 62      




Via Del Politeama, 4

Very popular and much frequented mainly by young people
TRASTEVERE Distance 6′

Via della Paglia, 40

Il Santo is located in the heart of Trastevere. Born as a cocktail bar, il Santo also has a quality culinary proposal.
TRASTEVERE Distance 6′

Via della Scala 43
It is a colourful cocktail bar with a wide selection of cocktails. Very informal atmosphere.
TRASTEVERE Distance 7′

LA PUNTA | Expendio de Agave
Via di Santa Cecilia, 8

La Punta is a place where you can experience the Mexican spirit from food to drinks.
TRASTEVERE Distance 15′




Piazza di Pietra 42

Salotto 42 is a trendy place for aperitifs and after-dinner drinks.
PANTHEON Distance 10′

Vicolo delle Coppelle, 59

The Club Derriere, the room behind, is located in a small alley near Piazza delle Coppelle, a very intimate space, similar to a living room at home, where you can enjoy excellent simple cocktails.
PANTHEON Distance 12′

Via di Pallacorda, 2

Inside the Hotel Adriano, this is the first bar in Italy dedicated entirely to gin. You can choose from over 120 different gins on the list.
PANTHEON Distance 14′

Via Bocca di Leone 14

The atmosphere is a little retro, but the cocktails, from the classics to the most current, are mixed to perfection by professional bartenders.  Excellent also the Irish coffee so hard to find well prepared.

Via di Ripetta, 162

Il Marchese is the first “Amaro Bar” in Italy and Europe. Here you will find an excellent selection of both classic and innovative cocktails.
Piazza del Popolo Distance 25′ Bus 628 

Via della Penna, 22

A plunge into the past. The inner garden is delightful in summer.
Piazza del Popolo Distance 25′ Bus 628 

Via del Vantaggio 14

In addition to the interior space, this elegant place has a beautiful panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the best cocktails in town.
Piazza del Popolo Distance 25′ Bus 628

Via del Babuino 9

The location between the gardens of the Hotel de Russie is very suggestive. The bar is one of the best and most elegant cocktail bars in Rome.
Piazza del Popolo Distance 25′ Bus 628

Cocktail Bars Other Area


TIME at the Grand Hotel
Via Veneto 155

There is a marvellous counter, where you can enjoy Talent cocktails. In summer you can enjoy the fantastic terrace.
VIA VENETO Distance 30′ BUS 62 or 160

 Via Veneto 150

In the 60th, it was the “Dolce Vita”‘s bar. Today is a very dated place. But if you are looking for a quiet place and an atmosphere of other times, it is the right address. Highly qualified staff.
VIA VENETO Distance 30′ BUS 62 or 160

Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3

St. Regis Rome is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the capital. And even the bar is of the same level, for a special evening, it is a great address, for a fantastic Bloody Mary or a cup of great champagnes and just for a tea or a juice. Of course, also the prices are pretty prestigious.

Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 8 (Monti)

We have old sofas, colourful chairs, excellent cocktails.

Via Isis, 2

Inspired by the Prohibition period, this secret bar near the Colosseum is indicated by an old barber pole outside their door. The friendly welcome and extraordinary cocktails make this bar one of the most awarded in our country.

Via Labicana, 125

The Court has an elegant and refined location on the top floor of the Palazzo Manfredi hotel, where you can enjoy an impressive view of the Colosseum and equally exclusive cocktails.
COLOSSEO Distance 35′ Bus 81  –  87


A good coffee, a delicious croissant.


It is believed that the coffee you drink in Italy is the best globally; this is not true. In fact, coming across great coffee is a rarity. And even in the same café, it is possible to drink good coffee or bad coffee. Many causes influence the result, the blend, the machine, the barista himself.
These are the bars I would recommend where the coffee is, on average good, as are the cappuccinos and croissants homemade (the croissants, to be really good,  must be homemade).

Italians have the habit of starting the day with a coffee and having breakfast with a cappuccino and a croissant.

The average cost of a coffee at the counter is 1€ /1.20, a cappuccino 1.20/1.80, a croissant 1€/2.€. Served at the table, the price at least triples.


Coffee Bar

It can be pleasant to spend a few hours sitting in one of the many bars or pubs in Campo di Fiori, but there are very few recommendable places if you are looking for quality.

ROSCIOLI CAFFE’  Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 16  
Roscioli Caffè is the best place in the neighbourhood where to have breakfast with excellent croissants and delicious cappuccino. Delicious pastry. Superb Gourmet Sandwiches. Unfortunately, the bar is tiny and not be comfortable. Small outdoor area. Slightly higher prices but justifiable.
Apartment Area Campo di Fiori Distance 2’

FORNO MONTEFORTE Via del Pellegrino 129
It is a bakery, a pastry shop, a bar, an excellent address for every hour of the day, from breakfast to snacks.
Apartment Area Campo di Fiori Distance 8′

BARNUM CAFE  Via del Pellegrino 87   
Much loved by students and young people is suitable for a short break,
Apartment Area Campo di Fiori Distance 8′

VIVI BISTROT  Piazza di San Pantaleo
Pleasant location  Inside the courtyard of the Palazzo Braschi, overlooking Piazza Navona  for a full English breakfast overlooking. Closed Monday
Piazza Navona Distance 4′

SANT’EUSTACHIO Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82       
In Rome, when you say coffee, you say  Sant’Eustachio, and for Romans and tourists is a must to make a stop in this place near the Pantheon. I hope that you don’t remain too disappointed.
PANTHEON  AREA  Distance 6’  

TAZZA D’ORO  Via Degli Orfani 84 
Here you can taste an honest, good coffee. Attention, it is often overcrowded, and the coffee break instead of pleasure can become torture. You also can buy the coffee for home, choosing between various types of roasting.    
PANTHEON  AREA  Distance  12’       

ESPRESSAMENTE ILLY  Via Uffici del Vicario 31
He would like to be a high place in both form and substance. The goal is often not reached, even though Illy is considered one of the best Italian coffee. Very expensive
PANTHEON  AREA  Distance 12’  

CIAMPINI  Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29 066876606
Ciampini is the most loved bar of the Roman bourgeoisie. You come here for a coffee, breakfast, lunch break, ice cream, but especially for the evening aperitif taking advantage of the outside tables on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.
PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  AREA  Distance 13’    

VITTI  Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 33 Tel. 0668876304
Vitti has a pleasant dehors in a beautiful and elegant square close shopping streets.
PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  AREA  Distance 13’  

ANTICO CAFFE GRECO  Via  Condotti 86
The ANTICO CAFFE’ GRECO is the oldest cafe in Rome and the second in Italy (the first is the Florian in Venice). Opened in 1760 was a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, like  Goethe, Leopardi, Stendhal, Schopenhauer, Shelley, Byron, Keats. And the tradition has continued almost until the last century with contemporary artists and intellectuals. The bar for its history can be seen as a small museum, and entering one has the impression of joining in the story in a world that no longer exists. The atmosphere is luxurious and sits at these tables is really lovely. One would expect much more also in the products served, and the prices are exaggerated.
PIAZZA DI SPAGNA  AREA  Distance  15’  

ANTICO CAFE RUSCHENA  Lungo Tevere dei Mellini 1
Perfect croissants in the morning when freshly baked
PRATI DISTRICT (ARA PACIS)  Distance  20’  Bus 70/81/87/492

CASTRONI Via Cola di Rienzo 196/198
Castroni is the most famous roasting coffee in the city. There is also the bar at the Via Cola di Rienzo site, where you can enjoy a discreet coffee.  Closed Sunday


SCIASCIA CAFFE Via Fabio Massimo 80
The Sciascia Caffé is a historical place that opened in 1919. It’s the perfect place where to enjoy a great coffee, one of the best in town if you’re a sweet tooth, do not miss the coffee with chocolate.
PRATI DISTRICT  Distance  40’ Bus 81

PERGAMINO CAFFE’ Piazza Risorgimento 7
Here you can find an excellent coffee with the possibility to enjoy espresso or other types. Coffee can also be purchased in beans or ground.
PRATI DISTRICT  San Pietro Vatican Museum Bus 81/23 492

ARTIGIANO del CAFFE’ Via Famagosta 14
Small cafeteria with a good selection of coffee blends (100% Arabica, Arabica and Robusta, Italian blend or extractions), choose from according to your taste. The croissants are good but not extraordinary.
PRATI DISTRICT  Vatican Museum Bus 23/70

MADELEINE Via Monte Santo 64
If you’re looking for an elegant place, even if it’s a long way away, this is a good address.
Prati District Bus 280

FARO – CAFFE’ SPECIALTY Via Piave 55 (Piazza Fiume)
Here you will find coffee from the best Italian and foreign plantations and roasters. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of espresso coffee, and meticulous care is taken with filtered coffees. 
Via Veneto Area Bus 63



A good Ice Cream, A Delicious Cake

Among the hundreds of ice-cream parlours in every corner of the city, it is difficult to know who makes a truly artisanal ice-cream without additives and colourings. I really love ice cream, and the ones I indicate here are good ice cream parlours. You can argue about which one to put first, but certainly.
In my opinion, the first three are unrivalled.

OTALEG Via di S. Cosimato, 14a,  (Trastevere)  Distance 12’

Via di San Pantaleo 61 (Piazza Navona) Distance 3’

Via di Ripetta   261  (Piazza del Popolo) Distance 25’ Bus 628
Via dei Gracchi 272 (Prati District) Distance 35’ Bus 70, 81, 87, 280

LA GOURMANDISE Via F. Cavallotti 36B  (Monteverde)  bus n° 8

NEVE di LATTE Via F. Cesi 3  (Piazza Cavour Prati District)   Distance 15’ Bus n° 81-87– 70 –


FATAMORGANA  Via dei Chiavari 3       (Apartament Area) Distance 2′

GUNTHER  GELATO ITALIANO Via dei Pettinari 43  (Apartament Area) Distance 1′ 

GELATERIA del TEATRO Lungotevere dei Vallati2 –   (Apartament Area) Distance 3’

GELATERIA CORONA  Largo Arenula 27 (Apartament Area) Distance 4’

FRIGIDARIUM Via del Governo Vecchio 112 (Piazza Navona)  7’

FIORDILUNA Via della Lungaretta 96  (Trastevere) Distance 10’

HEDERA BORGO PIO 179  (SAN PIETRO)  Bus 23 – 81 – 492

CLAUDIO TORCE’ Viale Aventino 59 (Circo Massimo)  Bus 628


A moment of sweetness



GRUE Viale Regina Margherita 95 tel.068412220
A few meters away from the Coppedé neighbourhood, a pastry bar seduces you instantly, impossible to resist. Yes, they are aesthetically magnificent.  The taste sometimes does not match what you have tasted with your gaze. No doubt one of the best bakeries in the city.  Worth the trip! CLOSED SATURDAY

Piazza del Paradiso 56 0668805072

It’s incredible that in an area like Campo di Fiori dedicated to touch-and-go, you can find a place of such high quality, a true paradise for gourmands, to try the Absolute (chocolate and hazelnut), the Woods (almonds and berries) and the profiteroles. You can buy all the cakes both in single-portion than in more significant portions than 1 kilo. Delicious croissant, terrible coffee. Also, the department salty is equally good, with a delectable sandwich gourmet.
AREA CAMPO DI FIORI  Distance  3’  

ZUM  Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo 20 0668307836 
The Tiramisu is a classical  Italian dessert made with mascarpone, coffee, cookies, eggs, sugar and marsala for the greedy is the maximum, is the typical dessert that everyone can do at home. But if you do not want to wait, here is a bakery specialising in this kind of sweet, proposed infinite flavour and variations.
AREA CAMPO DI FIORI  Distance  3’  

LE CINQUE LUNE Corso Rinascimento 85
A Simple pastry with good products and not very expensive CLOSED MONDAY

ANTICO FORNO BOCCIONE  Via del Portico d’Ottavia 1
Don’t miss this small but significant oven. It is the most famous kosher pastry in the city. It might be enough to smell that coming from the door to seducing you but just tasting the goodness inside make you lose your head and gain a few kilos. Cheesecake and chocolate or cherries, cakes made with almond paste, almond biscuits. (Expensive)
Closed Friday and Saturday AREA GHETTO  Distance 5′

LA DOLCE ROMA Via del Portico di Ottavia 30
La dolce Roma is the first pastry in town with traditional American and Austrian products. Carrot Cake, Cookies, Sacher, Cheese Cake, Apple Pai, Dobos, Strudel, and the bread of rye and cereals. Very good and very expensive
AREA GHETTO  Distance 6’                

LE LEVAIN Via Luigi Santini 22/23 tel.0664562880  
Croissants, Biscuits, Macaron, Brioche stands for their quality.  The only flaw coffee and cappuccino awful and primarily served in paper cups that do not help the taste.
AREA TRASTEVERE   Distance  12’  Bus n° 8   

The first thing to hit is the scent, then once walked into the store that shows all his years since the windows of the era, you can not but be struck by the goodness of cookies produced traditionally.
AREA TRASTEVERE  Distance  11′ Bus n° 8    



You don’t have to go far to find great addresses for quality food products. Less than 100 metres away, you’ll find supermarkets, grocery shops, bakeries, butchers, fish markets, gourmet shops, delicatessens, fruit shops, as well as the famous Campo di Fiori outdoor market*.
Although if not glamorous places, supermarkets are the cheapest and safest places to shop. Apart from the certainty of having affordable costs (except for fruit and vegetables), you will always find average or almost good quality in every product. For excellences, I will point you to other good addresses more or less close by here, of course, the prices here are certainly higher.

Open-Air Market

Fruit and Vegetabels

The market in Campo di Fiori is undoubtedly popular and equally famous, a reputation that comes from the past but no longer corresponds to reality.  The market may be beautiful to visit, and you will find lots of fruit and vegetable stalls and a lot of poor quality. Don’t be seduced by the stalls selling spices, oils, bottles of vinegar, etc.  Campo di Fiori is not the place to buy them, nor is it the place to buy coloured pasta – Italians don’t eat coloured pasta and don’t use that kind of spice in their cooking.  The best stands to purchase fruit and vegetables are those on the left-hand side coming from the flat.  Distance 2′

A good place to buy fruit and vegetables is in Trastevere just beyond Ponte Sisto.

Piazza San Giovanni della Malva 6  tel.06 5806460

Distance 6 minutes


If you like local products and have a direct relationship with producers near the Circus Maximus, I recommend the market for friendly shopping. The Mercato di Campagna Amica is one of the most popular farmers’ markets in the city. All the products on sale here are grown or bred in our region. They are all zero-km agricultural products, guaranteed, safe, and of high quality: fruit, vegetables, cheese, dairy products, fish, bread and baked goods, cereals, flour and pasta, pulses, oil, fresh meat, cured meats, honey, preserves, fresh raw milk, plants and flowers and much more. It is also possible to have lunch inside the market.

Prices are higher than in ordinary supermarkets and are careful where you don’t see the price, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Open only on Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 15:00

Distance 15′ Bus 628




Via dei Pettinari 70

The nearest supermarket is less than 50 metres away, on the right as you leave the house. It is not very big but well-stocked, ideal for everyday shopping, average prices.
Distance 1 minute

Via dei Giubbonari 15,

Next to Roscioli’s, on the left, as you leave the front door. Distance 2′

Via del Biscione near CAMPO DI FIORI,
Immediately on the right as you arrive in the square. 
Distance 3′

Terminal Ostiense Piazzale XII Ottobre

 EATALY is an immense space dedicated to food, three floors of delicacies and gastronomic excellence.  A paradise for good food lovers (mozzarella, bread, wines, cheeses, desserts, ice cream, coffee, sauces, fish, meat, cold cuts, pizza) to buy or enjoy in one of the many areas where they are prepared and served. Beware that the place is often very crowded. Open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight.

BUS 23 Bus Stop Ostiense


Biological Food

Piazza Farnese 99/100

Here you’ll find Biodynamic, organic and natural products, gluten-free and intolerance products for vegans and vegetarians. There is also a cafeteria service and take-away lunch.  Opening hours 08.00/ 20.00 Sunday Closed  Distance 2′

Via di Porta Castello 36 Distance 20 minutes  Bus 23

Via Santa Maria del Pianto 19 Distance 4 minutes

Viale Trastevere 237b  Distance 15′ minutes  Bus 8
All kinds of products Gluten-free.

 Via San Francesco a Ripa 105  Distance 16′  bus 8

The best bakeries

Bakery and Artisanal Pasta

Piazza Campo Di Fiori 22  

This bakery is one of the most famous bakeries in Rome, often overcrowded. Good bread, good pizza white or stuffed, both for a quick meal or to stop hunger before lunch or dinner. Delicious oven’s cakes. And a special corner in the shop next door dedicated to delicious sandwiches and stuffed pizza.
Open  08,00/ 20,00  . Closed Sunday Distance 3′     

Via Dei Chiavari 34  2’ 
As you pass by, you will smell the irresistible aroma of bread. The bread, apart from being excellent, is almost always warm like the amazing pizza.  You will also find a good selection of ready-to-eat food to take away Wait your turn patiently, there are two different lines, one for pizza and the other for bread, but the staff is speedy.
Open  08,00/ 20,00 Closed Sunday Distance 3′ 

Piazza Costaguti 30  (Ghetto Area) 

In the Ghetto district, another ancient great baker. Closed Sunday   Distance   5′

Via del Moro 15 (Trastevere area 5’)
Known for excellent bread, it is also a good address for a piece of pizza slices. The environment is harsh service hasty.


Via di Torre Argentina 3 
Few steps from the apartment, you can find  Pandalì.  It’s a bread factory dedicated to celiac.  In addition to the bakery,  you will find ready-made dishes, cakes, croissants, pi


Via del Moro 32  (Trastevere)

Fresh pasta: lasagne, cannelloni, tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini. ) Plus Sardinian specialities such as culurgiones, seasadas (Large delicious ravioli with honey and cheese), gnocchi and ravioli. Closed Sunday and Thursday afternoon. Distance   6′

Via Luigi santini 18A ( Piazza San Cosimato – Trastevere)

Small handicraft shop that prepares fresh pasta every day: tonnarelli, fettuccine, tagliatelle, cannelloni,  ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi. Closed Sunday. Distance   16′


Cold Cuts, Hams, Cheeses

Via dei Giubbonari 21   

Regarding food, Roscioli is a certainty of quality.  Roscioli is present with its shops in every sector of the food industry, Bars, Restaurants, Ovens, Tasting, Salumeria. and within easy reach of home.  Wines, cheeses, cured meats, salmon, caviar, foie gras, pickles, preserves and sauces. A rich and varied selection of the best gastronomic products from our country and beyond A veritable vault of good food. Prices are unfortunately extremely high, but quality costs money. The delicatessen is even a restaurant.
Distance 2′

Piazza Campo di Fiori 43
In the centre of the square on the right-hand side is this small, well-stocked charcuterie shop, overflowing with all kinds of cold meats and salami, with an intense aroma that can only tempt us.  Closed Sunday   Distance 2′

Piazza Campo di Fiori
In this shop the quality of the products is good. The prices less. Closed Sunday
Distance 2′

Via S. Maria del Pianto 9A, (Ghetto)
In the heart of the Jewish quarter is this beautiful place where you will find a great selection of cheeses from every corner of our country, plus a good selection of French cheeses. The shop has an indoor dining room where you can enjoy a selection of cheeses, cured meats and some good traditional dishes, as well as a good glass of wine. Closed Monday Distance  5′

Via San Francesco a Ripa 140°  (Trastevere)
This shop retains all the charm of its hundred years of life. The cheese’s lovers here can find cheeses of each type, Pecorino, Mozzarella, Bufala, Ricotta Formaggio di Fossa, Castelmagno for all tastes, and the owners are always ready to give you some advice. Here you will also find excellent cured meats, good bread and other fantastic food products. Closed Sunday Distance 15’ Bus 8

Via Natale del Grande 15 °  (Trastevere) 
Bottega historic Roman ideal place for a stopover in the Roman tradition. Excellent cold cuts, hams, bacon, pork, also homemade. Cheese, bread, sandwiches. Closed Sunday Distance 15’ Bus 8 

Via della scrofa100 (Pantheon)0668801074
You can feel the atmosphere of yesteryear in this butchery of ancient tradition, which selects the best variety of meats throughout the national territory. Among the specialities, don’t miss the Felino salami and mortadella Campotosto; keep up the excellent mountain ham, and cut strictly to the knife. Closed Sunday Distance 12’

Via Marmorata 47 (Testaccio)
 One of the best addresses where to buy cold cuts, ham, fresh pasta, mozzarella and other food products. Quite expensive. Unfortunately, it is not in our neighbourhood but in the nearby Testaccio neighbourhood, reachable by bus 23 or bus 280 from the other side of the Tiber. Get Off Marmorata Galvani (6 stops) Bus 23 or 280


Butcheries Fishmongers

Meat and Fish

Via dei Balestrari (Apartment Area)
Behind the apartment at the corner with  Campo di Fiori e Via dei Giubbonari, a safe address to buy good meat. Closed Sunday  Distance 2′

Piazza del Biscione 97/98 (Apartment Area)
Orelli is a historic butcher’s shop, as you can tell immediately by looking at the sign. Here, as well as the most prized cuts of meat, you can also find less noble cuts such as tripe, offal, liver and tail, also known as “quinto quarto” (fifth quarter), widely used in traditional Roman cuisine. Excellent value for money.Closed Sunday  Distance 3′

Via Santa Maria del Pianto 60  (Ghetto)
All meats are processed strictly according to Talmud’s dictates. Here you can find a wide a good selection of meat. Closed Sunday  Distance 4′

Via del Portico di Ottavia 11 
Meats, delicatessen products, frozen foods, and all foods exclusively kosher. Closed Saturday, Friday and Sunday in the afternoon. Distance 4′

Via San Francesco a Ripa 50 (Trastevere)
An excellent butcher,  with the meat of the finest quality, and very original prepared ready to cook. Distance 12′ Bus 8

Via della Maddalena 15  (Pantheon)

Ancient Butcher’s shop open for more than 100 years,  one of the city’s most renowned. Superb and excellent selection of meats of various origin, a wide selection of products ready to cook, stuffed vegetables, roasts, burgers, kebabs. The prices are a bit ‘higher than in other places. Closed Sunday -Saturday and Thursday (Afternoon) Distance 10′

ANNIBALE dal 1888
Via di Ripetta 236 (Piazza del Popolo) 
A stone’s throw from Piazza del Popolo Annibale is one of the most famous and one of the oldest. In this old butcher born in 1888, among the rarest and most beautiful in the city, with furnishings that date back to the 800, Only premium cuts:  Fillets, loins, and all the other cuts are first choice, and all with a certificate of origin.

Open only 8/14 closed Sunday  Distance 25′ Bus 628

Piazza del Paradiso 16/17  (Apartment Area)
A few steps from Campo di Fiori, the Pescheria Attanasio is not only a safe place to buy fresh fish from our seas but also excellent street food and takeaway.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and in the evening from 7 p.m. with an aperitif. Distance 3′.

Via della Croce 71a
  (Piazza di Spagna)
In the heart of the shopping streets, a small fish market stocked with fresh fish. Expensive.  Open Tuesday Friday all day the other day in the morning only closed on Sundays and Mondays Distanza 15′


Wine and Spirits

Via dei Prefetti 15 (Pantheon/Piazza di Spagna)
This is an Elegant and luxurious wine shop in the heart of the city, with an excellent wine selection. Besides buying, inside the Enoteca or in the small dehors you can drink an excellent glass. Or if you prefer, you can dine in the dining room of the same name’s starred restaurant. Distance 1.5 km 15 minutes

Via di Ripetta 19/20 (Piazza del Popolo)
A few steps from Piazza del Popolo, a historic Roman wine shop with an excellent selection of labels and interesting gastronomy where you can taste a few but good dishes accompanied by a good glass of wine. Distance 2.0 km 25 minutes Bus 628

Piazza CAVOUR 16 (Prati district)
Outstanding in every sense of the word for space over 800 square meters, for the offer’s quantity and quality for reasonable prices. If you love wine or spirits, your every wish could hard to find better.  Too bad the staff is not very empathetic towards customers.
Distance 1, km 15 minutes bus 70, 81, 87, 492

Via Goito 20 ( Termini Station)
This wine shop was founded in 1826 and is one of the best known and most renowned. You can find all types of Italian wines and the best foreign wines, from the most common bottles to the most valuable labels. It is also possible to taste them in the adjacent wine bar accompanied by excellent cheeses or cooked dishes. 
Distance 3.5, km bus 64-40 492

Via G. Mameli 61 (Trastevere)
Small but fine wine shop offering an excellent selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Excellent beers. And the chance to taste on the premises.
istance 1.5 km 15 minutes

Via Margutta 28/29 (Piazza di Spagna/Piazza del Popolo)
For whisky lovers, there is no better address.
Distance 2.0 Km Bus 628 or Bus 62 20 minutes


Via dei Balestrari 9 (Campo di Fiori)
Over 1500 labels of international and national beers. Plus many craft beers. 
Distance 2 minutes


Spices, Coffe, Tea, Chocolat


Via Cola di Rienzo 196/198  (Prati District) Bus 81
Via Frattina 79 (Piazza di Spagna)    Distance 15’  

Castroni is undoubtedly one of the most famous shops in the city, and everyone knows it. On the shelves countless kinds of teas, jams, honey, coffees, candies, chocolates, wines, spirits, spices, caviar, salmon, pate, tortilla chips, sauce, Sushi and caviar, biscuits and biscuits, crackers, pate, sauces, rice of every quality, pasta, nuts, coffee.  There is a thriving espresso bar inside and a corner dedicated to roasting. You can find products from all over the world alongside a good selection of Italian products, including the best extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar bottles. There are several other Castroni in Rome, with Cola di Rienzo being the most significant and best stocked. Standard prices     

Corso Rinascimento 8 (Piazza Navon) 0668865268  
Miniscule shop very well stocked with excellent products, I believe that here you can find the best chocolate, in addition to lots of candy, panettone, biscuits, nougat. The owner is really nice and will gladly guide you in purchasing.
Closed Sunday open 10,00/19,00 Distance 5′

LA PEONIA Cose di Sardegna
Via delle Carrozze 85

If you want to try something different, this store offers typical products of Sardinia. Like Bottarga, dried fish eggs excellent for seasoning pasta dishes, sea urchin pulp, malloreddus (small pasta), Sardinian’s ravioli (filled with pecorino cheese), wines, salami and typical sweets like the delicious Amaretti. Distance 15′

AD HOC          
Via del Vantaggio 28  (Piazza del Popolo)
Ad Hoc is a shop entirely dedicated to the truffle, fresh or processed, or in addition to sauces and oils and with a small recipe book full of information. Distance 25′ Bus 628

Via della Reginella 30 (Ghetto)

For spicy lovers, in this store, you can find genuinely dozens of kinds of chilli and jams, preserves, pates, oils, all of course made ​​from chilli peppers and in their many shades. Distance 5′

via Natale del Grande 31 (Trastevere)
An old grocery store, filled to the brim with all kinds of spices, marmalades, sauces, pulses, cereals, oils, biscuits, chocolate, tea piled up in every corner is like moving through a rich and precious labyrinth of delicacies. Distance 12′ Bus 8

Via Luca della Robbia 20 (Testaccio)

The temple of spices and aromas, and a good selection of teas, herbal teas from around the world.  BUS 23/280


Via dei Banchi Vecchi 124  (Campo di Fiori)
There are Teas from all over the world in this store, mixtures, flavoured teas, rooibos teas, herbal teas, spices, jams, honey, and an excellent selection of accessories.
Closed Sunday and Monday Morning – Distance 10′

Via della Palombella 26 (Pantheon)  

 If you love tea, don’t miss this address, you can find over 150 varieties from China, India, Japan, Taiwan. Precious blends of whites, blacks, greens, and the need to serve, cups, teapots, trays. A decent selection of chocolate, fruit jellies and biscuits. Closed Sunday.
Distance 10 minutes 

Via Ulpiano 55/57 (Piazza Cavour)
 Excellent and extensive selection of honey, but also herbal products and natural cosmetics. Closed Sunday  Distance 20′ BUS 492/81/87/70/30


Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82                
In Rome, when you say coffee, you say  Sant’Eustachio. It is a must to make a stop in this place near the Pantheon for Romans and tourists. Just a little more expensive and incredibly chaotic. A wide range of coffee beans to buy and try at home. Distance 5′

Via Degli Orfani 84
Here it is possible to taste a genuine, good coffee. Attention at certain times there is a bit of queue. You also can buy the coffee for home, choosing between various types of roasting. Distance 8′


Via dei Redontoristi 16  (Piazza Navona/Pantheon)
A wide selection of Belgian chocolate and not only in the most varied types.
Closed Sunday  H. 10,30 /19,30 Distance 5

Via del Piè di Marmo 21 (Pantheon)
A charming shop with furniture of another era, friendly and attentive staff assortment pralines to lose the head. Prices very high.  Closed Sunday  H 09,00 /19,30 Distance 8′

Via delle Carrozze 26 (Piazza di Spagna)

 Quality artisan chocolate with a rich and varied range of products. Pralines, truffles, mousse, ganache, cakes, eclairs, macaroons, and even a good ice cream. Very courteous staff.  Closed Sunday  Distance 15′

Via Leonina 82 (Monti )
Monti is a beautiful neighbourhood to visit, full of history and excellent restaurants. Like this shop where you will find chocolate in the most varied shapes and flavours.
Closed Sunday  Distance 30′ Bus 70