About Us

A day, a night, a month – it doesn’t matter how long your stay is. What matters is that nothing is left to chance. What matters is that your Roman days are magnificent, starting with the place you have chosen to stay. Behind LA MIA CASA IN CAMPO DI FIORI there are no anonymous operators but an owner who will welcome you in person and to whom you can refer.


Cosimo Milone

I’m Cosimo Milone, the owner of “La Mia Casa in Campo di Fiori”.

My profile’s photo dates me back for many years. I decided to use this picture anyway because it has been taken on the day I realised my greatest dream, and I wanted to share that special moment with you.

I bought this flat in 2002 and lived in it until 2011, then when I stopped working as a casting director, I thought it might be nice to live in the country, but it turned out that it is at least for me more excellent to live in the city.

In the meantime, my flat had become “La Mia Casa in Campo di Fiori’.

And together with you, I have discovered and learned how to host. From each of my guests, I have always tried to learn something. Yes! You have taught me how to host, made me understand what can be necessary for a traveller and what is essential to your little daily desires and needs, what is needed, and what can not and should not miss.
I hope that “La Mia Casa in Campo di Fiori” will be your home in Rome, your starting point to discover our city, our culture, our history, our daily life. And enjoy your holiday in the best possible way.


I live in Rome. I answer all your requests from Rome. I will always be ready to meet you and give you all my support and assistance for every need and eventuality. I love my city. I like to introduce you to it by giving you advice and suggestions that I hope will help you. With careful and meticulous work, I work hard to provide you with information that will fully satisfy your needs. I like to help you discover the places I know and frequent that I consider useful and those to be wary of. I want my guests to be informed about every detail, and if necessary, I try to advise them according to their every need as if I were doing it for myself or for the people I love most.
Hospitality is and remains an essential value for me.
My commitment is to ensure that your every need is met.
Behind our structure, there are not anonymous operators but people.
We aim always to offer you high standards because you are at the centre of everything we do. We give you the quality of our work by generously submitting you all our commitment and professionalism.
We are committed to giving you the best every day. And without compromise.
We want to be very proud of our work because we know that our commitment makes us better at what we do.
If we are needed, we will always be there, and you can always count on us, even for dinner reservations or when you can’t find your hairdryer.
We are always ready to answer and meet you at any time of the day to give you all kinds of assistance and solve even the smallest inconvenience.
Because we do not limit ourselves to guaranteeing you a peaceful stay, but we give you all our Passion, which is the essential element of our commitment and guides my concept of hospitality.